Best Drip Coffee Makers

Many people perceive creating the ideal cup of coffee as a complicated undertaking. As an avid coffee enthusiast, I put my heart into getting the absolute best from my brew. Some individuals may not be concerned about their coffee standards, yet I contend that the quality of their cup should be taken into account.

For the most part, I believe that great-quality coffee is something that has so much to offer for many of us, even those who don’t really care about the kind of coffee they’re drinking. That’s why many manufacturers of coffee makers often take the time to make products that cater to the taste of those nerd-deep into coffee.

How exactly do you buy the best coffee maker out there? While there are many different considerations on doing so, nowadays, it’s no longer that difficult to brew the perfect cup using a coffee maker that gives you the best-tasting coffee.

But which drip coffee maker should you invest in? There are tons of them on the market today (as mentioned) and it can get quite confusing as to how you’re supposed to pick the best one.

Fortunately, I have listed a few picks of the best coffee makers money can buy, based on numerous consumer reports.

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Best Aesthetic
Hario V60 Arm Stand with Glass Dripper Pour Over Set Hario V60 Arm Stand with Glass Dripper Pour Over Set

First, let me talk about how insanely stylish this coffee maker looks. Seriously, it might as well end up in some random vintage café out there, not only for its function, but also for its aesthetic value. You may think it’s just a nice-looking coffee maker, but it also brings great flavors worthy of your taste.

It comes with tons of freebies as well, such as forty coffee filters, a measuring spoon, and the fact that it can brew four cups per serving. It’s a pretty well-designed machine, although it functions as simple as it is.

It’s actually only a bit more expensive than most coffee makers out there, but you’re getting a lot out of what you’re paying for. If you’re into an aesthetically pleasing, well-functioning item (with great ratings), this one may well be for you.

  • Great aesthetics
  • Makes multiple cups of coffee per batch
  • Comes several freebies
  • Relatively expensive considering its class
  • Getting extra fine grounds can take some time and effort
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 12:37 am GMT
Best Budget
Pour Over Coffee Dripper: The Gabi Master Pour Over Coffee Dripper: The Gabi Master

Cheap, simple, candid. This coffee maker doesn’t disguise itself as anything short of fancy, made evident by its minimalist design. It’s a manual coffee maker, which means you’d need to rely on your skill in drip brewing for the best-tasting coffee. Just a warning, really.

Even then, it still affords you of great-tasting coffee that arguably gives you better-tasting coffee than those done by electric variants. That is, if you have the patience for it. The best part about this coffee maker is that you can use it with other drip brewers. So if you’ve got one, then it won’t be much of a problem for you.

  • Very affordable
  • Simple design and mechanism
  • Makes one cup at a time
  • Requires a little skill to get the best cup possible
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 12:37 am GMT

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Different Types of Drip Coffee Maker?

There are plenty of choices when it comes to buying a coffee maker. All you need to do is to pick the right type of coffee maker and you’re ready to go.

• Percolators
In the case of percolators, ground coffee is inserted into a chamber filled with water. Boiling water forces itself up the tube, which then passes through the coffee to extract the dark richness of the usual morning brew you have.

• French Press
If you want to be that purist with a hipster vibe, then you might want to check out the humble French press. Although this caters to people who have enough patience and time on their hands (keyword: chill), you can definitely make a great cup of coffee with a French press, especially since people argue for its long-run health benefits.

• Espresso Coffee Maker
Up for some gourmet coffee? Then, you might want to invest in an espresso maker. You’ll get that full, almost creamy fluid extracted from the best coffee beans you can get your hands on. Unfortunately, espresso makers can be too expensive and often end up ignored and unmaintained.

• Moka Pot
For those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to espresso makers, then you might want to check out the moka pot, which extracts the goodness of coffee beans into a full, thick fluid. All you need to do is to heat it on top of your stove after filling its chamber with coffee and water.

• Thermal Coffee Maker
While the thermal coffee maker is just your run-of-the-mill coffee machine, it actually allows for keeping your coffee warm for longer periods of time. It mostly relies on insulation to do so, and people actually swear by thermal coffee makers when making their choice of what to buy.

• Drip Coffee Makers
The filter coffee machine or the drip coffee maker is one of the more straightforward coffee makers out there, and it often involves pouring cold water on top of the machine, which is then heated and sent down to a basket of ground coffee. You’ll see a lot of filter coffee machines in offices everywhere.

Personally, the drip coffee maker is my favorite. It’s not complicated to use at all, and it provides me with my daily fix of brewed coffee.

How Do You Use a Drip Coffee Maker?

For many people, it’s simple enough to use one. All you need to do is to just fill the basket with the best ground coffee you can find, fill the reservoir with water, and just turn the coffee maker on. Making the best cup of coffee, however, can be an entirely different story.

Coffee purists often dismiss drip coffee makers as heretical in the world of coffee, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make quality coffee out of them. If you want to get started, here’s how you can get great-tasting coffee, even by just using a drip coffee maker:

• Getting fresh beans: since drip coffee makers can’t really give you as full of a flavor as you’d get from other coffee makers out there, the first thing that you need to do is to get the best quality beans out there.

Try to get the freshest beans out there. You won’t get it at your local supermarket, so it’s always best to look in places such as the farmer’s market if there’s any, or perhaps a small store that sells fresh organic products.

Remember that beans turn stale easily, especially when they’re already ground. Make sure you keep them as fresh as possible.

• Keeping in mind the speed of brewing: Depending on the type of grind, there’s an optimal speed as to how you’re supposed to extract flavor from the beans. Most drip coffee makers function best with fine or medium grinds, but you also need to check on the type of filter you’re using.

Try to experiment on the speed that works best with the filter your coffee maker has. In time, you’ll perfect the art of making great coffee with a drip coffee maker.

• Heat up to the right temperature: Trial runs will help in getting the best temperature for you to brew quality coffee out of a boring old drip coffee maker. By heating up the machine first without any coffee, you’ll get the optimal temperature required to brew a perfect cup.

Watch out, however, for continuously rising temperatures. Having the temperature too high may burn out your coffee, leaving you with a bitter, unpleasant taste. We wouldn’t want any of that, would we?

• Clean the pot well after use: This is rather obvious. Most of the bad taste can come from an ill-maintained pot, so it’s always a good idea to do some well-rounded cleaning up after brewing coffee.

The vinegar-water combination often helps in removing unpleasant odor and taste, and won’t damage the pot. The sour smell of vinegar disappears once it dries up, so it wouldn’t be much of a problem if you smother the mixture all over.

How Much Coffee Do I Need to Use?

Another prominent problem that persists among budding coffee enthusiasts is on how much coffee to use. Too much may turn your cup bitter, and too little can give you that dreadful watery taste. However, there’s just no magical ratio that can give you a great brew.

You can always start, though, by taking into consideration how much cups you need to serve. You can start with 2.5 tablespoons for every six ounces of water. You can always experiment with the amount of coffee you ought to put in the basket, depending on your preference.

Obviously, you should put more coffee if you want that morning kick and don’t mind the strength. You need not sweat it too much if you’re the only person drinking the coffee you’re going to brew yourself. Be sure to take the old grinds out to prevent an over-bitter flavor once you brew coffee again!

What Is a Cold Drip Coffee Maker?

The summer season can make it unviable to brew hot coffee. We usually make iced coffee by cooling or refrigerating a hot cup, before blending it or putting in some ice. This can really take a long time. One solution to this problem is to get a cold drip coffee maker.

What is it, you ask? Well, it essentially functions like your usual drip machine, except you can make cool coffee with it. It makes better iced coffee, because you can extract flavors that are as fresh as they get. It may be convenient for you to get a cold drip coffee maker if you’re looking to have some coffee over the summer.

It may come as an additional expense for you, however, but if you’re that type of person, then I suggest you consider getting one.


There’s no guarantee that the drip coffee maker you buy will be as good as you expect it to be. But now that you’re more informed, you might as well make the right decision and go for the coffee machine that’s best for you.

So, have you decided on which drip coffee maker you want to get? Go ahead and get it. It’s time for you to brew that perfect cup of coffee.

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