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Best K-Cup Coffee

Best Medium Roast
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
  • This medium roast has the ripe fruits taste of the abundant mountain valleys of Columbia.

Best Premium Roast
McCafe Premium Roast

Best for the Environment
The Original Donut Shop Medium Roast Coffee

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A lot of coffee drinkers have busy lives, and though we are plagued with the pandemic and mostly still stuck at home, we still want to have coffees that are coffeeshop quality. Along with a high-quality and good-tasting cup of coffee is the perfect amount of single-serve, and what better way to achieve this is by using K-Cup pods. K-cup has gained popularity due to its efficiency in producing single-serve without anything going to waste.

The Keurig K-Cups or coffee K-Cups come in different roast profiles and flavors to adjust to different needs and favorites. To ensure that you pick the right K-Cup coffee pods for your Keurig or any single-serve coffee maker, here is a guide to the best K-Cup Coffee.

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  • 1

    Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Green Mountain K-Cups are crafted with care for a smoother-tasting cup of coffee. This medium roast has the ripe fruits taste of the abundant mountain valleys of Columbia. It has notes of caramel and cocoa that have a balance of the bright warmth of plums and apricots for that smooth and rich finish.

Green Mountain coffee is made of 100% Arabica, caffeinated, and sustainably sourced. Their coffee pods are compatible with Keurig coffee makers and are engineered for guaranteed quality. You are sure that each K-Cup pod is filled with the freshest ground coffee and brews perfect, great-tasting coffee that’s perfect for every coffee break. Aside from being one of the best coffees, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters was developed to continually enhance the living conditions of the farmers and their families.

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Compatible with any Keurig coffee maker

Sustainably grown

Made of 100% Arabica coffee


Coffee is not strong enough for some

  • 2

    McCafe Premium Roast

What better way to start and brighten your day with McCafe Premium Roast Coffee. Every box comes with different counts of K-Cup pods: 12, 24, 32, 48, 72, 84, and 96. You can brew a cup of premium-roast coffee in all Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 brewing systems and get the best coffee experience whether you’re at home or work. McCafe medium roast coffee delivers a smooth and balanced flavor brought by 100% Arabica coffee.

A box of K-Cups includes individually-sealed pods for single-serve brewing that are carefully harvested from the rich soils and mountainous regions of Central and South America. This coffee does not have a bitter taste and has a good and bold flavor.


Made of 100% Arabica coffee beans

Does not have a bitter taste

Has a smooth and balanced flavor

Compatible in all Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 brewing systems


Coffee is not strong enough for some

  • 3

    The Original Donut Shop Medium Roast Coffee

Enjoy the same great-tasting coffee you know and love while caring for the environment. The Original Donut Shop medium roast coffee comes in recyclable K-Cup coffee pods, so when you’re done all you need to do is peel, empty, and recycle. Of course, when it comes to the taste of the coffee, it is satisfyingly simple and, as they claim it, cheerfully uncomplicated the way coffee should be. The coffee pods are made of 100% freshly ground Arabica coffee that is compatible with any Keurig coffee maker and could brew up to 12oz of coffee each.

The Original Donut Shop regular single-serve K-Cup coffee is simple yet full of flavor. Just brewing this medium roast coffee in the morning will wake up your senses and helps you be ready for the day ahead. It is not too light and not too dark; just has a perfect taste that’s straight-up good coffee like it was made by a professional barista.



Made of 100% Arabica coffee beans

Reasonably priced

Compatible with any Keurig coffee maker

No acid taste


Takes almost twice as long to push the water through the K-cup

  • 4

    SF Bay Coffee Fog Chaser Medium Dark Roast

Lift away the morning fog with SF Bay Coffee Fog Chaser. It is a full-bodied and well-balanced medium-dark roast which is a blend of Central and South American beans. These pods are Keurig compatible and designed for use with K-Cup style single-serve brewers including Keurig 2.0. This coffee is also regarded as one of the most superior coffees in the market today and still keeps the flavor even with the addition of cream or sugar. The Fog Chaser has a smooth taste without the bitter burnt after-taste.

If you’re a fan of eco-friendly coffee pods, you will surely love the SF Bay K-Cup Pods as it is commercially compostable. Its OneCup pods and the outer bag and one-way valve are made of plant-based materials and are certified fully commercially compostable by BPI. Coffee drinkers should not worry as this does not affect the taste of the coffee in any way, so you could still enjoy the great and smooth flavor of this K-Cup coffee.


Eco-friendly and commercially compostable coffee pods

Compatible with Keurig 2.0

Naturally caffeinated

Has a very smooth flavor


Some grounds may seep through the filter

Not as bold in terms of flavor

  • 5

    1850 by Folgers Black Gold Dark Roast Coffee

If you’re looking for the best K-Cup Coffee that’s a dark roast with sweet dark cocoa notes and smooth flavor, 1850 Black Gold Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee will be your top pick. This smooth blend is made with fire-roasted, steel-cut 100% Arabica coffee beans using time-honored roasting and grinding techniques for a timeless taste. It has a unique complexity, full-bodied, and strong taste that’s crafted for those who dare to discover a new flavor of dark roast K-Cup.

Each purchase contains six boxes of ten 1850 Black Gold Dark Roast K-Cup Pods; that’s 60 counts in total. Each pod is made from evenly-roasted beans for consistent coffee K-Cups with a less bitter after-taste. These are convenient K-Cup pods that are made to work with your Keurig brewer. Brew that great-tasting cup of coffee in less than a minute and enjoy a rich, bold cup. You can drink it black or you can add milk if you enjoy a creamy cup of coffee.


An amazing coffee for its price

Made of 100% Arabica coffee beans

Has a bold and smooth flavor

Has a pleasant aroma that's smokey and nutty

Compatible with any Keurig system


Not recyclable in all communities

Tends to be bitter for some coffee drinkers

  • 6

    Eight O Clock Single-Serve K-Cup Pods

The Original flavor of Eight O Clock is outstandingly smooth yet full-bodied with a complex finish. Crafted with 100% Arabica coffee beans under the expert care of master roasters, every single-serve will surely be enjoyed by any coffee lover. This medium roast K-Cup coffee is caffeinated with a bold flavor for a smooth and refreshing cup of coffee that will fully wake you up in the morning and help you get ready for your day.

For every purchase, you get 6 boxes of 12 totaling 72 perfectly packaged fresh K-Cups. These single-serve coffee cups are super strong, so if you’re a fan of a medium-tasting cup of coffee more, you may want to look for other flavors. It should also be noted that these K-Cups do not have a bitter after-taste making it the best K-Cup that could be enjoyed any time of the day and a perfect start to your day.


Smooth-tasting and non-acidic

Strong coffee perfect for strong coffee-drinkers

Only has a mild after-taste

Less bitter


Tends to be almost watery

Tastes like a dark brew to some

  • 7

    Starbucks Flavored K-Cup Coffee Pods — Variety Pack

Starbucks is not new to producing K-Cup Coffee Pods and being an expert at this. The specialty coffee explores the five of the most popular flavored coffee of Starbucks such as Caramel (which is smooth and buttery), Vanilla (which has a light, and creamy flavor), Cinnamon Dolce (has notes of warm cinnamon and brown sugar), Toffeenut (rich smooth and well-balanced), and Toasted Graham (which is warm and toasty) that you can use at home and office.

The K-Cup Coffee Pods come in one reduced-packaging box with 8 pods each with a total of 40 K-Cup Pods making it compact and space-saver; they are designed for use with the Keurig and Keurig 2.0 Single Cup Brewing Systems.


Comes in a compact packaging

Has five different flavors to choose from



Has a short shelf-life

Tends to have a burnt taste

  • 8

    Maxwell House Breakfast Blend Light Roast K-Cup Coffee

One of the most trusted brands when it comes to coffee is Maxwell House. These Breakfast Blend Coffee K-Cup Pods have a consistent signature taste that is “good to the last drop.” The balanced light roast coffee has a smooth taste that’s perfect to start your day. Every single cup of coffee could be served black or if you prefer to add cream or sugar. Maxwell House K-Cups are made of 100% light roast coffee and could be brewed in Keurig 1 & 2 brewing systems anytime and anywhere you are.

The Breakfast Blend is packaged in individual K-Cups designed for single-serve use every time. The 3.7-ounce box of K-Cups contains 12 coffee pods with a well-balanced, bright, and lively light roast breakfast blend of ground coffee.


Fresh-tasting in every box


Works and tastes as advertised


Has a short shelf-life

  • 9

    Lavazza Gran Selezione Single-Serve K-Cups Coffee

The full-bodied dark roast with intense, bold flavor and notes of chocolate only comes from Lavazza. The single-serve K-Cup Coffee Pods with the Lavazza Gran Selezione coffee blend come in a pack of 4 or 32 counts of 100% Arabica coffee grounds with a 7 out of 10 intensity. Blended and roasted in Italy, these K-Cups could be brewed using a Keurig Brewing machine so you can enjoy that authentic Italian experience every waking day.

This coffee has an intense dark roast with a bold flavor that’s 100% sustainably grown in South America for over 120 years. You’ll be sure to enjoy the bold taste of the coffee because the best blends of Lavazza coffee beans have undergone research all these years.


Made of 100% Arabica coffee grounds


Blended and roasted in Italy


Tends to be weak tasting

  • 10

    Newman's Own Organics Special Blend Decaf K-Cup Coffee Pods

The Newman’s Special Decaf is a medium roast coffee K-Cup with a bold yet refined, and strong yet smooth flavor. If you love coffee but are not supposed to have caffeine due to health reasons, you will surely like this variant as it is decaffeinated without telling the difference. It has a smooth and non-chemical taste and is perfect to start your morning and during coffee breaks. Newman’s decaf coffee is also organic that is not weak-tasting but also not very strong that it becomes bitter. Despite this, it still tastes fresh and good and will make you feel like you’re having an expensive coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

Newman’s Decaf K-Cups come in a box and are compatible with Keurig K-Cup pod single-serve coffee makers. The decaf coffee pods are also recyclable when it’s already empty, so you are sure that you protect the environment while enjoying a cup of coffee.


Organic coffee


Has a strong taste that's not bitter



The grounds tend to plug up machines

  • 11

    Crazy Cups Coffee Pods Variety Pack Sampler

These K-Cup Coffee Pods from Crazy Cups live up to their name as a box is packed with 40 coffee pods with no duplicates. How Crazy is that? It means you can enjoy a wide variety of coffee from your favorite brands. It is a pack with a great mix of traditional and flavored coffee like light, medium, and dark roast coffees, espresso, French roast, French vanilla, Texan pecan, chocolate, coconut caramel, Irish creme, caramel creme, and many more! Every coffee is individually-packed and has been carefully inspected to ensure freshness and that everything is in perfect condition.

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The sampler pack capsules are perfect as a gift for any coffee lover and are compatible with all Keurig K-Cup Brewers. If you’re looking to try a great assortment of flavors, here’s the perfect package for you.


Great assortment of flavors and brands

Coffee pods inside the package do not have duplicates

Individually packed and inspected before shipment

Compatible with all K-Cup Brewers


The combination of blends is subject to change

  • 12

    Keurig Coffee Lovers Collection Variety Pack, Single-Serve Coffee K-Cup Coffee Pods

This Coffee Lovers’ Collection from Keurig includes 60 K-Cups that have 3 of each variety from 20 popular coffee brands including Green Mountain Breakfast Blend, The Original Donut Shop Regular, Newman’s Own Organic Special Blend, Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend, Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast, and many more. The samples come in different flavors from a wide variety of roasts, flavors, and brands, so there’s a big chance you’ll discover a new favorite.


Contains authentic Keurig K-Cup pods

Includes light, medium, and dark roast coffee

Has a wide variety of flavors


Some pods tend to be missing

  • 13

    Folgers Classic Roast Medium Roast Keurig K-Cup Coffee Pods

This rich, pure medium roast coffee from Folgers is also convenient that comes in K-Cups. It has a smooth flavor and distinctive aroma that you will surely love when brewed with the touch of a button. Each purchase contains four boxes of 24 Folgers Classic Roast with a count total of 96. Every K-Cup coffee pod is made from mountain-grown beans that are considered to be the richest and most aromatic in the world.

This classic medium roast blend has been consistently rich, with a taste so pure that you’ll be wanting to have more every waking day. Using any Keurig brewer, you will enjoy this blend in less than a minute. The single-serve pods are surely the best part of wakin’ up every morning.


Genuine K-Cup pods

Smooth full-bodied flavor without bitterness


Has the perfect strength


  • 14

    Death Wish Keurig Capsules

Dubbed as the strongest in the world, Death Wish K-Cups are packed with its signature dark roast coffee that will transform your typical cup of joe into a delicious, bold, and intense drink that will turn your every morning upside down. These Keurig K-Cups are the best way to wake you up and make you feel and stay focused. Be on the go as the Death Wish Coffee pods are compatible with Keurig 1.0, Keurig 2.0, Breville, Cuisinart, and Mr. Coffee Machine.

Test your strength with the bold flavor that’s smooth, subtle, without the bitter taste, and has a cherry and chocolate flavor profile with low acidity. The K-Cup pods are made from carefully-selected premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans sorted from around the world for that bold taste you’ll fall for.


The cup won't easily slip out of your hands

Coffee smell hits you and you instantly fall in love with coffee

The cups themselves are mesh as opposed to a solid plastic,


A bit pricey

  • 15

    Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Hazelnut Decaf Blend

Another best Keurig K-Cup comes from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. This hazelnut decaf blend has a sweet and buttery flavor that is rich and satisfying to the last drop. This hazelnut blend has a lighter roast without any sugar or sweetener of any kind. Each single-serve origin variety highlights the richness and unique coffee flavors native to their sources.

This decaffeinated coffee blend from Green Mountain emphasizes the natural flavors of the beans and the vibrant aromatics for a well-brewed cup perfect for any occasion.


Has a wonderful aroma even though it's artificially flavored


Right amount of coffee goodness to get you up in the morning


Some lids are defective

How to Choose the Best K-Cup Coffee

One of the joys of loving caffeine is that the available options of enjoying it are endless. If you’re tired of your usual instant coffee, you may opt for something more exciting and brew your own using a traditional coffee maker, and if you’re into a stronger taste you may find that an Espresso machine is more convenient to use and the best choice for you. If you don’t have the luxury of waiting too long for your coffee to be ready, then the single-serve kind is the right pick for you.

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Here are some of the important considerations when choosing the best K-Cup Coffee Pods:


While making your favorite cup should and really take time, there are those who are quite busy and do not have time to wait for their caffeine fix to be ready. K-Cup Pods offer convenience in such a way that making coffee would only take a minute or two stored straight to your favorite thermos or coffee tumbler.

Variety of Roasts and Flavors

K-Cup Pods come in different roasts that you can choose from according to your liking: light, medium, and dark roast ground coffee. Light roast coffee has a mild body with light acidity that also comes in flavor profiles that feature fruits, florals, and citrus. The medium roast on the other hand gives a nice balance that’s a bit sweeter and less acidic compared to light-roasted coffee. Its flavor profile features caramel, nuts, fruits, and milk chocolate. The dark-roasted coffee has a rich and heavy body that will surely coat your tongue with smooth flavors of dark chocolate and toasted nuts.


Since every coffee blend is sealed in equal-sized coffee pods, the taste of every K-Cup coffee is consistent with the first one you made, so you don’t have to worry about overdoing the amount of coffee ground you put.


Even if you own a single-serve coffee maker like Keurig does not mean you can use it for your K-Cup Coffee pods. It still pays to check the compatibility of every K-Cup with your machine to avoid wastage, since every purchase comes in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best-tasting K-cup coffee?

It still depends on the taste you prefer. If you like a coffee blend with a mild body with hints of floral, fruits, and citrus, go for a light roast. If you like your coffee to be a bit sweeter with hints of caramel, nuts, fruits, and milk chocolate, the medium roast K-Cup coffee is for you. And if you like dark chocolate with a toasted-nut taste, go for the dark-roasted coffee K-Cup.

Is the K-Cup coffee better than drip?

If you’re the type who drinks coffee only once a day, you may choose the single-serve. It is also a great choice for those who are not into instant coffee but still want a faster way to create their caffeine fix. If you like multiple cups of coffee a day, you may opt to use a drip.


Though there have been negative remarks regarding the use of single-serve K-Cup pods, it is still worth a try. Having a machine dedicated to making single-serve coffee is still not a waste, especially if you want consistency and convenience in making your caffeine fix. Just remember that when purchasing pods, be sure to check on their compatibility with your machine, they come in blends that you really like and that you will consume every single K-Cup pod.