Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds?

Many coffee enthusiasts are distressed about discarding used coffee grounds and frequently ponder about the potential of recycling them.

Some coffee lovers also want to reuse the coffee ground because they believe that it will help them save a few bucks. They will not require spending money on buying coffee grounds repeatedly. 

Though it might be a good idea first, you should know whether reusing the coffee grounds is recommended or not. Here, you will learn can you reuse coffee grounds or not.

Is It Fine to Reuse Coffee Grounds?

Yes, you can reuse your coffee grounds if you want. However, most coffee ground manufacturers do not recommend it. The only time the expert will suggest you reuse it is if you crave coffee and do not have fresh coffee ground available. 

Most experts do not recommend reheating the coffee ground because all the flavors, oils, and aromas are gone every time you reheat it. Due to this, reheating will not give you the excellent outcome you want. 

However, if you still necessitate reheating, try using a pan and put it on the stove so that you can achieve a slightly improved outcome. While reusing the coffee, you can use any brewing method. 

All brewing methods such as French press, espresso, and cold brew coffee will give almost the same outcome. But experts do not suggest using old coffee grounds a second time. It would be best if you only preferred fresh coffee grounds to make delicious brewing coffee.

Best Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

Other than using the coffee ground to brew coffee again, you can also use them in different ways. Following are some other approaches that you can try with the coffee ground.

Method 1: Fertilizer

If you know about gardening, you might surely be familiar with that coffee grounds are also popularly used as a fertilizer. A large number of nutrients present in the coffee grounds make it ideal for plants. 

The plants love nutrients present in the coffee ground because they help them in their better growth. Therefore, you can put the coffee ground directly into the soil, or you can even mix it with water to obtain the desired outcome. 

Other than this, you can also use it as compost. You can add the coffee ground with other food particles to make it an ideal compost. The best thing about the coffee grounds is that they help the compost break down quickly. 

Besides, if you are into worm farming, you can also utilize the coffee ground because the worms also love it. Further, reusing coffee grounds does not have any additional health benefits, but it does contain antioxidant properties. The used grounds also have less caffeine content.

Method 2: Removing Odors

Most people might not know that coffee grounds can also help to remove odors. The smell of coffee grounds is excellent, and many people love its smell. Not only does it have a great smell, but it is also beneficial when it comes to eliminating tough odors. 

The coffee ground can even help you get rid of the tough odor because it absorbs other odors. Therefore, you can use it to stifle the smell generated from a trash can. 

You can also utilize it to prevent the food smell from mixing in the fridge. However, for this task, you will need to tie up the coffee ground. You can use porous cloth such as cheesecloth or pantyhose to tie it up.

 After you have tied the coffee ground, toss it wherever you desire. However, before doing this, ensure that the coffee ground is dry because a dry coffee ground will give you a much better and effective outcome. 

Other than this, if you also work in a kitchen, you might have to deal with onions or garlic frequently. On touching the garlic or onions, you might have noticed that their smells stick to the hands for a longer duration. 

To get rid of that strong smell from your hands, you can also use coffee grounds. However, before applying the coffee grounds, make sure first to dampen your hands using water. 

After that, you will be required to scrub your hands with the coffee grounds. By doing so, the coffee grounds will absorb the smell and give your hands a much nicer and fresher feel. 

Besides, it also offers effective results on smelly shoes. For this, you will require to sprinkle a small number of coffee grounds in your shoes. Make sure that the coffee ground is dry. 

After that, you will need to leave them overnight and remove the coffee ground from the shoes in the morning. By doing so, you can get rid of the smell from the shoes as well. However, some people claim that it does help fight the dead skin cells if you apply it to your skin.

Method 3: Cleaning

Cleaning is another excellent thing that you can do with used coffee grounds. The coffee ground will help you get rid of the drain. If you want to clean the drain, you will need to use some coffee grounds to help unclog it. 

However, make sure only to use the used coffee grounds that you have already boiled in water for this task. The mixture of coffee and water will help you neutralize the smell. 

The best thing is that you can do this process multiple times, and that’s too with the same used coffee grounds. As we all know, the coffee grounds are abrasive and jagged, due to which we can even use them for rough cleaning. 

Therefore, if you are struggling to get rid of any stubborn spot present in pots, pans, or on your kitchen counter, you can still utilize the used coffee grounds to get rid of it. To eliminate such a stubborn spot, you will need to sprinkle the ground coffee on the surface. 

Make sure only to put a small amount of ground coffee to get the desired outcome. After that, you will require scrubbing it with a sponge to make it work for you. Coffee has a deodorizing and abrasive property which helps it overcome the gunk off. 

However, before putting the coffee ground on your counter, make sure to sprinkle it on a small spot to check whether the adverse reaction occurs or not. If there is no adverse reaction, you can add the coffee ground to the whole area without any worry.

Method 4: Hide Furniture Scratches

Most people might not know that the used coffee grounds can even help them hide small furniture scratches. Small scratches on wood furniture usually result in light streaks. 

Most people do not like those light streaks, due to which they try finding various ways to get rid of them. A few people even replace their furniture just because of a small scratch. 

You do not need to replace your furniture or hire someone to help you eliminate the scratches because you can do this task by yourself. The color of the coffee ground will help you hide these scratches and make the furniture seem new. 

You will locate a more uniform color to your wood furniture after applying the coffee ground. However, to perform this task, you will require applying wet coffee grounds. 

We recommend using wet coffee grounds instead of dry ones because dry coffee grounds will not give you the desired outcome. Also, the dry ground coffee will not stick to the furniture’s surface, due to which we suggest using wet ground coffee. 

While applying, make sure to avoid adding it to unscratched areas. Keep on applying the coffee on the scratch unless you attain a wood-brown color. Initially, you can even try it on a less visible patch to check whether it works or not.

Method 5: Repel Insects and Pests

Some of the compounds present in coffee can also help you repel insects and pests. The addition of diterpenes and caffeine in coffee is what makes it keep the insects and pests away from it. 

These compounds are highly toxic to various pests, due to which they avoid contacting the coffee ground. Therefore, you can even use ground coffee to minimize the presence of bugs in your area. 

If you plan to use the coffee grounds as a repellent for bugs, make sure to fill a bowl with coffee grounds. Besides adding coffee grounds to the bowl, you can even sprinkle them in your outdoor seating areas. Also, you can put the coffee ground around your plants to keep the pests away from them.


If you do not mind compromising on the taste, flavor, and aroma of the coffee, you can reuse the coffee ground multiple times. Other than reusing the coffee ground in coffee, there are various other ways to utilize the coffee ground. 

For example, you can utilize the used coffee ground as a fertilizer for cleaning, removing odor, and different other things. What you want to use, used coffee, or fresh grounds for drinking coffee is up to you. 

So, you can even use coffee grounds twice if you want. But you will not get the same delicious cup of coffee that you can attain on using coffee grounds for the first time.

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