Difference Between Regular Coffee and Espresso

There’s a multitude of coffee varieties offered on the market. However, some coffee connoisseurs might find it difficult to differentiate between the various kinds of coffees due to the vast selection.

Coffee lovers usually ask the difference between the types of coffee available, especially regular coffee and espresso. So, what makes regular coffee different from espresso? 

Are the taste, caffeine, and the process of making regular coffee and espresso the same? Well, you will get to know the complete difference between both espresso and coffee in this article.

What is a Regular Coffee?

Regular coffee is a simple coffee that contains milk and sugar. Instead of milk, many coffee lovers also use cream to make coffee more delicious. 

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Coffee is quite easier to prepare than other types of coffee. Also, the vast range of methods available to prepare coffee makes things easier for coffee lovers.

What is Espresso?

Espresso is a popular type of coffee that uses coffee grounds and boiling water for the preparation. It is thicker and stronger than many other kinds of coffee. However, you will get less caffeine per serving of espresso.

Difference Between Espresso and Regular Coffee

Following are the factors that make coffee and espresso different from each other.

Origin of Espresso and Coffee

The origin is the first thing that you might want to know about coffee and espresso. Most people believe that espresso and coffee beans have different coffee beans, which is incorrect. 

Because of the contrast in taste and texture, coffee lovers think that both of these use distinctive coffee beans. So, it would be best to keep in mind that the origin of beans of coffee and espresso is the same. Though the coffee bean in coffee and espresso is the same, it utilizes a different process of making, which makes them different.

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Further, most people prefer to use two types of coffee beans while making coffee or espresso. These two kinds are Arabica and Robusta, which you can choose as per your preference. 

You will get a nuttier flavor on roasting the Robusta espresso beans, while these beans produce a peanut-like scent when present in an unroasted form. Arabica coffee beans can help you generate a sweet or tangy taste depending on the type of bean you choose, while its scent is like a sweet blueberry.

Process of Making Espresso and Coffee

Most coffee lovers might be familiar with how to make coffee. There are various methods that one can use to make coffee. Some of these popular ways are drip coffee, French press, or percolated

The best thing is you can use any of these methods to prepare the coffee in the comfort of your home. If you have an espresso machine, it will become easier for you to make the coffee. However, remember that it is hard to make espresso with the French press because of the high pressure you need to heat the water. 

Besides, some espresso machines also come with a built-in grinder that lets you easily grind the coffee beans. The best thing about the built-in grinder in the espresso machine is that it helps produce fine coffee grounds.

Caffeine Amount in Coffee and Espresso

Most people assume that the quantity of caffeine present in espresso is more than in coffee. Let me clarify to you that the amount of caffeine depends on how much coffee you have. 

Compared to a shot of espresso, the average cup of drip coffee will surely have more caffeine content. With an 8oz cup of coffee, you will get around 85-185 mg of caffeine. 

On the other hand, a single espresso shot, around 1 oz, contains 40-75 mg of caffeine. However, if you compare the amount of caffeine present in one ounce of espresso and coffee, you will find out that the espresso has more caffeine per ounce. So, the espresso has more concentration of caffeine per ounce.

Taste of Espresso and Coffee

Taste is another factor that sets both the espresso and coffee apart from each other. On drinking espresso, you will get a roasted, full-bodied flavor. The taste of espresso is much bolder as compared to many other types of coffee available. 

Further, the paper filter used for brewing coffee is also a reason for taste differences. Because of the difference in taste, most coffee lovers claim that anyone can easily differentiate between these beverages upon drinking.

Different Methods to Make a Regular Coffee

You can either use a French press, pour-over, or a single-serve coffee machine to prepare coffee at your home.

Steps to Make Regular Coffee Using Auto-Drip Coffee Maker

You will only have to spend one to two minutes setting up this machine. The best thing about the auto-drip coffee maker is that it will do all the required work for you automatically once you set it up. Following are the steps to use an auto-drip coffee maker to generate coffee.

  • First, you will need to remove the coffee maker lid.
  • After removing the lid, you will discover a basket inside it. Inside that basket, you will require inserting the filter.
  • After that, take the cold water, add it to the carafe, and add the water into the reservoir present at the coffee maker’s back.
  • Now you will have to dip the coffee into the filter.
  • Once you are done with scooping the coffee, close the lid of the coffee maker and then turn it on.
  • Once the carafe gets full, your coffee is ready to drink.

Steps to Make Regular Coffee Using French Press

French press is another popular device that will help you in the making of coffee quickly and effectively. It is a heatproof pot that comes with a filter. 

A plunging mechanism is fixed with the lid of the French press. You will require hot water and coffee grounds to get your coffee ready using the French press. Follow the given steps to use French Press to make coffee.

  • First, you will have to boil water. You can either use a kettle or a saucepan to boil the water. After that, wait for a few minutes so that the boiled water cools down.
  • Remove the lid of the French press and add coffee grounds to it.
  • After that, add hot water to the pot, stir it to mix coffee with the water, and add the lid to the pot.
  • Wait for a few minutes so that the coffee gets brewed. Two to four minutes will be enough time to brew the coffee. Make sure not to leave the coffee brewing for too long.
  • Push the plunger down slowly until it reaches the pot’s bottom.

Your coffee is now ready.

Different Methods to Make an Espresso

Like coffee, there are many methods that one can use to make espresso. Here, you will discover some easy and effective methods to prepare espresso.

Steps to Make Regular Espresso Using Espresso Machine

Espresso machines make it a lot easier to make espresso at home. Following are the steps to use an espresso machine to prepare a shot of espresso.

  • First, you will have to grind the coffee ground beans to make them suitable for espresso. It would be best if you used dark roasted beans to get better results. Make sure that the coffee ground is fine and powdery, and remove the portafilter first.
  • Add the desired amount of finely ground coffee to the portafilter. Distribute the grounds evenly and put a portafilter on the countertop. You will also require a tamper to tamp the coffee ground down.
  • Put in all the required ingredients and run the espresso machine.
  • Wait for a few minutes to get a delicious shot of espresso.

Steps to Make Regular Espresso Using AeroPress

  • To generate regular espresso using Aeropress, you must first insert a paper filter into the cap. Make sure to wet the filter using hot water.
  • After that, you will have to twist the filter cap. After twisting, add the filter cap to the chamber and place it over the carafe.
  • Once you are done with twisting and adding the filter, make sure to use medium-to-find ground coffee and add it into the chamber.
  • After adding ground coffee, arrange hot water and put it in the same chamber, and stir. Stirring will help you mix water and ground coffee easily.
  • Further, you will require inserting the plunger and push it until it reaches the grounds.
  • Start the Aeropress and wait for a few minutes to get your espresso drink.


If you struggle to find the difference between espresso vs. coffee, then this article will help you in that case. By knowing the taste, brewing method, and the quantity of caffeine present, you can easily decide which type of coffee to choose. 

We would recommend coffee to those people who want to try a variety in taste. It will give you an option to either choose a light or dark beverage. 

On the other hand, the espresso will be suitable for those who desire a bolder-tasting brew. However, in the end, it is totally up to your preference which type of coffee you want to try.

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