How Does a Keurig Work?

A Keurig is a distinctive coffee machine that uses K-Cups to provide a perfect single serving of coffee with the least amount of work involved. Each K-cup is pre-equipped with a filter and coffee grounds, leaving you with the simple task of inserting it into the device.

The design of the K-cup means everything is self-contained so once your brew is completed, all you need to do is throw away the used K-cup, there is no cleaning required of the unit or the machine as everything stays within the pod.

How Does a Keurig Work?

You start by placing the K-cup on the top of the machine and closing it securely in place. Closing the machine pierces the K-cup to release the coffee when the water is ready to flow through it. 

If you want to make a coffee with a Keurig you simply have to fill the reservoir with water, and then turn the machine on. You need to choose the right size brew that you are looking to create and then the water will start to heat up. 

Once the water is hot enough it will run through the machine, and through the K-cup, the coffee will be released and the water will run through it to make the perfect brew. All of the coffee grounds remain in the pod. 

Your coffee will drip through into your mug at the bottom of the machine, ready for you to drink and you can just throw the pod away. 

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How Hot is the Water?

The optimum temperature for brewing coffee in a Keurig is 89C or 192F.

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How Much Coffee Can it Make?

There are many different types of K-cup you can choose from which will allow you to change the size of the coffee you are making very easy. The technology within the machine knows exactly which size of K-cup has been inserted and how to brew it automatically. 

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Can I Change the Coffee Strength?

Most Keurig’s will automatically brew a regular strength of coffee but there is a button that can be pressed to make the coffee stronger if you choose to, so you are fully able to control the coffee strength from your machine. 

Looking After Your Keurig Machine

Due to the hardness of water, depending on where you live, your Keurig will end up with mineral deposits built up which can clog its systems and stop it working effectively, so it’s important to descale it regularly. 

You can buy a descaling solution or you can use vinegar and water to run a cleaning cycle through the machine to keep it in good working order and clear any mineral deposits which might have built up over time.

Cleaning the Keurig

Another important aspect of how a Keurig works is making sure it is kept clean. All removable parts can get clogged and coated in coffee grounds and mineral deposits so you will need to remove them from the machine and wash them regularly in soapy water. 

You will need to clean the K-cup holder, the drip tray, and the funnel. The exit needle might also get clogged with grounds and need cleaning so take extra care as this is a particularly sharp part of the machine. 

Once you have washed everything, you can replace it all back into the Keurig and run a cleaning cycle by running the machine with just water, and no coffee, to clean it all out thoroughly and make sure there is no residue left behind.

What else can My Keurig Do?

The Keurig is a really simple-to-use machine that enables you to make the perfect single cup of coffee very quickly and easily with the least fuss possible. There are now also many variations on the original Keurig which can be used for other purposes. 

There is one that makes iced coffee and other cold drinks, which is perfect for the summertime, and if you are making coffee for more than one person you can now get bigger Keurig’s which brew more than one cup at a time. 

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One of the great things about this system is that you can also create all sorts of other hot drinks using the K-cups by purchasing different flavors and different packs, for example, hot chocolate or tea are also available.


Your Keurig is a clever machine that can tell exactly which K-cup is being used and just what size of drink it should be making. The clever K-cup design means all of the mess and fuss is kept inside the pod so you end up with a perfect brew without having to buy paper filters or empty out coffee grounds which can get everywhere. For the perfect coffee every time and the easiest cleaning routine ever, this is the ideal coffee maker for the kitchen. 

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