How To Make Coffee Liqueur at Home

Although coffee liqueurs are typically seen as a luxurious indulgence enjoyed after a lavish meal or during the holiday season, this doesn’t imply that you can’t savor this delightful treat anytime throughout the year.

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Making a coffee liqueur at home doesn’t have to be complicated and it’s a lot cheaper than buying a bottle which you only open once a year. The other advantage of making your own at home is that you can adapt the flavors to suit you and even create your own signature coffee liqueur according to your own tastes. 

We have pulled together some easy coffee liqueur recipes which you can easily create at home, to allow you to enjoy some alcoholic coffee cocktails in the peace of your own living room, whenever you fancy one. 

The first recipe is the basis for any coffee liqueur so once you have mastered this one, you will be able to create any number of other coffee-related cocktails that might appeal to your particular tastebuds.


This is probably the most famous coffee liqueur and it comes from Mexico. It has been around for many years and is only made from four basic ingredients, making it quite easy to create at home, with a little patience. 

Here are the ingredients: 

  • Four cups of hot water
  • Two cups of dark brown sugar
  • Two cups of white sugar
  • Half a cup of coffee
  • A vanilla bean
  • Three cups of rum

The first step is to mix the sugar together in a bowl before adding the hot water. You need to stir this together until the sugar has dissolved completely. Next, stir in the coffee and allow it to cool down. 

Take the vanilla bean, cut it in half, and put the insides into the bowl. You can use vanilla flavor if you can’t find a bean. Once you have stirred in the vanilla, add the rum, and stir it all gently to make sure all the ingredients are well mixed. 

Your liqueur is complete, so just pour it into a sterilized and sealable jar. It will be ready for you to use to create iced coffee or any other cocktail that takes your fancy.

Spiced Rum Liqueur

This version is perfect for cold winter nights and is also one that you will want to bring out at Christmas for that extra warmth and spice. This one takes a bit more preparation time so you will need to make it in advance.

Here are the ingredients: 

  • Two cups of water
  • Two cups of caster sugar
  • 200 grams of coffee beans
  • Vanilla flavor
  • 700 ml rum
  • Three cinnamon sticks
  • Ten cloves

Put the rum, coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, vanilla flavor, and cloves into a container and leave them to marinate for around a week. You will need to shake or stir them a few times during this week to make sure the flavors are all mixing. 

After the week is up, you need to strain your rum mixture through a sieve, making sure to catch the liquid into a bowl. You are just aiming to remove the beans and spices from it, so you are left with the liquid gold you want to create your cocktails with. 

Take a saucepan and add the water and sugar into it before stirring well on a high heat setting. Once it begins to boil, add your rum mixture, stir well, then take the pan off the heat and leave it to cool down. Once the liquid has cooled down, you can store it in sterilized jars, ready to be used.

Chocolate Coffee Liqueur

If you prefer a stronger flavor for your coffee liqueur then why not try out this recipe which is made with espresso instead of regular coffee and includes some chocolate liqueur to give it an added kick and strength. 

Here are the ingredients: 

  • Four cups of water
  • Two cups of dark brown sugar
  • Two cups of white sugar
  • A quarter of a cup of espresso coffee
  • Vanilla flavor
  • Three cups of vodka
  • Two shots of chocolate liqueur

Take a saucepan and mix the water, all the sugar, and the espresso coffee into the pan together and place it over medium heat. Allow the mixture to boil, then lower the heat and simmer it for around an hour. It should start to get thicker and look like syrup. 

Take the pan off the heat and allow it to cool down. Once cooled, add in the vanilla flavor, the vodka, and the chocolate shots. Transfer the mixture to a suitable container as it will need to be left for around three to four weeks to mature. 

Once ready, pour it into a sterilized jar which can be sealed until you are ready to use it to create your first amazing cocktail at home.

Cream and Coffee Liqueur

This recipe is not for the faint-hearted as it contains a lot of sugar and calories but as an occasional treat, this cream and coffee liqueur is totally delicious and is perfect for a cold winter’s day to warm you up after a day out. 

Here are the ingredients:

  • One cup of cream
  • One teaspoon of cocoa powder 
  • One and a half teaspoons of coffee
  • One cup of whiskey
  • One teaspoon of vanilla flavoring
  • 14 oz of condensed milk

Take a bowl and add in the coffee, cocoa powder, and whisk them up with one tablespoon of the cream, until it is all mixed together. Once the powders have all dissolved into the cream, add in the rest of the cream gradually. 

Take the condensed milk, the vanilla, and the whiskey and mix them into the cream mixture and stir together until everything is thoroughly dissolved and you are left with a creamy combination of ingredients.   

Store it in an airtight container and it should last for around a couple of weeks if kept stored in the fridge. Always check it is still fresh before using it.

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