How to Make Frozen Coffee at Home

Iced coffee, also known as chilled coffee, is a drink usually served cold. This beverage is frequently preferred during the summertime as it offers a cooling and revitalizing experience.

Frozen coffee can help you lift your mood during a hot season. Not only this but also iced coffee has several health benefits as well. Now you might wonder how to make frozen coffee. 

Well, if you do not know how to make a frozen coffee, then do not worry. In this article, we will let you know everything about the frozen coffee recipe.

Ingredients Needed to Prepare Frozen Coffee

The ingredients that you will need to make a frozen coffee are given below.

  • Small ice cubes
  • Brewed cooled espresso
  • Half cup of milk
  • Superfine sugar
  • Pure vanilla extract
  • Whipped cream

You can decide the quantity of these ingredients depending on the amount of frozen coffee you want. If you only want to prepare a single cup, then 2 tablespoons of some of these ingredients will be enough to deliver you the outcome.

Steps to Make Frozen Coffee/ Coffee Recipe

Frozen coffee is easy to make if you know the process. Follow the given steps if you want a delicious cup of frozen coffee.

Step 1: Brew the Coffee

To prepare iced coffee, the first thing you have to do is to brew the coffee. Though this can be a bit time-consuming task, it will help you attain a delicious beverage. 

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Keep in mind that the brewing process of iced coffee is similar to any other coffee, so you will not struggle in this case. As you are familiar with it, frozen coffee contains ice, due to which some coffee lovers complain that their drink tastes watered down. 

If you do not want to experience that watered taste, make sure to prepare a stronger coffee. A strong brewed coffee does not give any such taste, which makes it more flavorful. So, remember to keep the frozen coffee stronger. By keeping it stronger, you will get the best taste.

Step 2: Let it Cool

Once you are done brewing the iced coffee, the other thing you have to do is wait. Give it some time to cool down. Half an hour will be enough time for cooling. If you want to get a refreshing frozen coffee, then do not forget to cool it down. 

Though this step takes a bit longer, the result is worth waiting for. However, if you do not cool it, you will end up getting a sickly, lukewarm drink which you will never want.

Step 3: Use Coffee Ice Cubes Correctly

Though making the iced coffee stronger will work for you, you should still utilize ice cubes properly not to add a taste of water to the drink. Make sure to carefully pick the ice cubes if you do not want a diluted frozen coffee drink. 

Ice control is essential if you want a better-tasting beverage. Instead of using regular ice cubes, you can also freeze coffee with the help of ice cube trays. The ice cube tray will make this task easier for you. You can additionally utilize a blender blend or tamper to crush the ice evenly. 

Apart from selecting ice cubes, you will need to be careful with the blending process. By doing so, you can achieve the smoothest frozen coffee drinks as per your desire.

Step 4: Use Finely Ground Coffee

Adding finely ground coffee is recommended only to those people who want to boost the coffee flavor. It is a quick and effective approach to enhance the taste of frozen coffee in no time. 

However, remember not to add too much finely ground coffee as it might completely change the experience. A small amount of ground coffee will do the required work for you.

Step 5: Bend It

Now you will need to bend the ingredients. As per your desire, you can add any of the ingredients you want. You will require mixing ice, coffee, whipped cream, and creamer. You can also add chocolate syrup or caramel syrup to get a better taste of coffee. 

Besides, you can also use a blender to mix all these ingredients. Make sure to keep on blending the ingredients until they are well-mixed. After mixing them properly, you will notice a fluffy and light result.

Step 6: Add Topping and Enjoy

You can take support from various added ingredients to enhance the taste of the coffee. Some of the added ingredients that you can use are caramel, crushed cookies, and chocolate syrup. These ingredients will completely alter the coffee flavor and make it more delightful. 

Many coffee lovers like to add topping to their coffee. If you also want to use topping to enhance the coffee taste, add whipped cream and chocolate syrup to give much better results. Now your frozen coffee is ready.

Tips & Tricks to Boost Taste of Iced Coffee

Following are some tips and tricks that you can use to improve the taste of frozen coffee.

Change Amount of Ice

The recipe for frozen coffee contains a large amount of ice. However, you cannot remove ice from it as ice is the main ingredient of frozen coffee. Our goal is to produce a light frozen drink that has a texture similar to snow cones and smoothies. 

But if you do not like the method your frozen coffee appears in, then try adjusting the amount of ice you use. You will surely notice a difference in texture after changing the amount of ice used. 

If you want to enjoy a smoothie-like consistency, you will need to use less ice, while for a granular texture, it is recommended to use more ice. Not only texture but also the coffee taste will get altered by changing the amount of ice. 

Therefore, be careful while adding ice to the coffee. Experts recommend keeping a fixed ratio of coffee to ice. 2:1 ratio of coffee to ice will give you a much better outcome.

Type of Coffee

Some people might not be familiar with the type of coffee used in frozen coffee, is not that important. You will have to use various ingredients in an iced coffee, so the coffee you use does not matter much. 

Due to this, experts suggest not to use expensive coffee as it will give the same outcome as other coffees. The reason that expensive coffee is not recommended is that you might not notice the subtle flavor of the expensive coffee when mixing it with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. 

The addition of chocolate syrup and whipped cream will alter the taste. However, most coffee drinkers prefer using a robust dark roast as it perfectly suits frozen coffee. 

You will enjoy a much powerful flavor by using dark roast coffee. The best thing is that the dark roast does not let the coffee flavor get lost even after mixing it with multiple ingredients.

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Prefer Cold Brew

Another popular way to get a better-tasting frozen coffee is by using a cold brew. Experts recommend replacing the regular brewed coffee with the cold brew to get a better-tasting outcome. By doing so, you will find a substantial difference in the taste. 

Therefore, if you are planning to brew a hot cup of coffee, you should avoid that and try a cold brew concentrate. Though it will require you to put more effort into preparation, it will give the best outcome. 

You will enjoy the natural sweetness, which will make you enjoy the frozen coffee more. While preparing cold brew, ensure to balance the water to coffee ratio. We usually suggest keeping the ratio of water to coffee around 7:1. 

Besides this, make sure to steep it during the room temperature. 16 hours will be enough time to steep it. Other than this, you can utilize coarsely ground coffee while making cold brews. 

Though you can also use pre-ground coffee, there are some risks with it. One of the prime issues that you may face on using pre-ground coffee is over-extraction. Over extracting it will end up producing a bitter coffee which you will surely not want. 

Therefore, choose a coarsely ground coffee or try not to over-extract if you use a pre-ground coffee. Apart from this, there are several other benefits of cold brew as well. 

The amount of coffee is much higher in the cold brew as compared to ordinary coffee. So, if you are searching for a beverage with more caffeine, then a concentrated cold brew will be ideal for you.


Making a frozen coffee or iced coffee is not a difficult task. However, to make it correctly, you will need to use the right approach. You can use various ingredients to get a better-tasting frozen coffee. 

A superfine sugar, pure vanilla extract, and whipped cream will help you enhance the taste. Other than this, you can also add chocolate syrup to bring change to the taste. Besides, read this article to learn how to make frozen coffee at home.

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