Organic Coffee: How to Make and its Benefits

Each type of coffee has its unique flavors, origins, and aromas that make it different from others. This is equally applicable to organic coffee, which is distinguished by its specific flavor, aroma, and origin. The notable characteristic of organic coffee, which distinguishes it from many other coffee varieties, is that it doesn’t contain any synthetic chemical substances.

The absence of any herbicides and pesticides makes organic coffee ideal for health-conscious people. Not only this, but organic coffee also does not involve any synthetic fertilizer for its growth, making it more hygienic. 

As it does not have any artificial chemicals, it is one of the cleanest coffees to try. Apart from health benefits, organic coffee is also beneficial for the environment. However, while buying a coffee, you should keep in mind that not all types of coffee are organic. 

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Any coffee labeled as “certified organic coffee” needs to pass the standard set by the U.S Department of Agriculture. If any manufacturer wants their product to be marked with an “organic” label, they need to avoid using pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers while producing that particular product. 

If you notice any coffee labeled “organic,” it indicates that 95 percent of the coffee has been raised under organic conditions. This organic certification makes it a safer choice as this conventional coffee is grown organically. 

Therefore, if you want to know whether your coffee is organic or not, you should first check the “organic” tag on the product. If you do not find any such tag, the chances are that the coffee is not organic.

Benefits of Certified Organic Coffee

An ideal way to start your day is with a cup of coffee, and the advantages of the coffee make it more enjoyable. Like other types of coffees, organic coffee also has several benefits. 

Because of various advantages, organic coffee is famous all over the world as compared to other coffees. Following, we have mentioned some of the top benefits of trying organic coffee.

Free of Chemicals

One of the prime reasons to try organic coffee is that it is entirely free of chemicals. Chemicals and synthetic substances present in beverages can harm health. Human health and some chemicals and synthetic substances can even be harmful to animals and the overall health. 

Additionally, the hormones, pesticides, and other chemicals used for coffee manufacturing can negatively affect bodily changes. However, that is not the case with organic coffee. 

As organic coffee does not have any chemical or synthetic substance, it is safer to consume for everyone. Therefore, the chemical-free property is among the top reasons to prefer organic coffee.

Further, organic coffee is also 100% USDA certified. This USDA certification indicates that it is safer to consume and will not harm your health. Organic coffee has various antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial for the human body. 

These things will protect the body from cell damages. Apart from preventing cell damage, it will also let you enhance the immune system. The organic coffee plants go through organic farming, which makes them environmental-friendly. This environmentally friendly and naturally produced coffee comes under fair trade and is healthy.


As organic coffee does not involve anything harmful, it is suitable for the environment as well. Organic coffee farms make sure not to include chemicals substances. These farms only use eco-friendly practices that are actively protecting the environment. 

Besides, organically growing the coffee decreases the chances of various health risks. It also removes the artificial additives, which are the prime reason for health issues. Rather than consuming health problems, this type of coffee has several health benefits. 

It contains many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which will protect you from various diseases. Other than this, organic coffee also contains caffeine in it which works as a natural energy booster.

Natural Compounds

Another advantage of organic coffee is the presence of natural compounds. The absence of artificial chemicals is what enhances the health benefits of organic coffee. 

Organic coffee grows in a safe environment which makes it beneficial for health. Besides, it also contains various organic nutrients, which will help you reduce your stress level. Other than the stress level, organic coffee will further improve the mood. 

You may also notice additional strength in your immune system after regularly consuming organic coffee. However, remember that organic coffee also contains caffeine content. 

Therefore, if you do not like consuming caffeine, you should go for decaffeinated organic coffee. With the help of decaffeinated organic coffee, you can minimize your caffeine intake.

Is Organic Coffee Healthier?

Most people are usually concerned about their health while drinking beverages. People usually wonder whether a particular beverage will be good for their health or not. 

Similar to this, many coffee lovers also think about whether to try organic coffee or not. Will organic coffee be good for their health? Yes, organic coffee is one of the healthiest coffee drinks to try. 

Many other coffee beans require various pesticides and fertilizers for their growth which is not the case with organic coffee. Unlike other kinds of coffees, organic coffee is not chemically treated. 

Coffee producers take great care while producing organic coffee. They make sure not to add any fertilizer, pesticide, or chemical to generate the organic coffee.

On the other hand, non-organic coffee beans usually remain in direct sunlight all day, due to which the immunity system of the plant gets affected. 

Because of the weak immunity system, the coffee plant gets easily attacked by pests and insects. Due to this, the farmers have to use various pesticides and insecticides to eliminate the pests and insects. 

These pesticides and insecticides also affect the coffee beans. But do not worry because these insecticides and pesticides do not get used while preparing organic coffee. Further, keep in mind that organic and non-organic coffee is different.

How to Make Organic Coffee?

There are different ways to make organic coffee at home. Some of the popular methods are;

You can use any of these to make organic coffee easily. Here we will explain a few methods to produce organic coffee.

Steps to Make Organic Coffee Using French Press

You will need a whole bean coffee, a wooden spoon, hot water, and a French press for this process. Make sure to also keep a tablespoon and timer with you while making organic coffee with a French press. 

It is suggested to weigh the coffee with the help of a scale and use a timer to get a quality outcome. After collecting all the instruments, make sure to follow the given steps.

  • In the first step, you will need to weigh the coffee. Depending on the amount of coffee you need, collect the ground coffee.
  • If you want to prepare 2 cups of coffee with 8 oz of size, try using around 6 tablespoons of ground coffee and 16 oz of water. On the other hand, you will need to have 12 tablespoons of ground coffee and 32 oz of water to prepare 4 cups of organic coffee.
  • After that, take the desired amount of water in an electric kettle and heat it on the stove. Keep on heating the water until it reaches its boiling point.  
  • Now, you will require grinding the coffee and make sure that it reaches the coarse consistency. Ensure that the grinding is accurate so that you get the best outcome.
  • After grinding, pre-heating the process that you will have to conduct. Take a few ounces of water and put it into the French press. Make sure to only use the hot water. Also, add ground coffee to the French press bottom.  
  • Once you are done with pre-heating, you will require brewing the coffee. While pouring the water over ground coffee, make sure to start the timer. Remember to cover all the coffee ground with water and pour it quickly to get a better result. After adding the hot water, stir it. For stirring, you can use a wooden spoon.
  • After that, remember to steep it. Put the plunger on the coffee top. Make sure that it touches the water level.
  • Now, wait for a few minutes and press down the plunger slowly. You will have to wait for up to 4 minutes before serving.

Steps to Make Organic Coffee Using Pour Over

  • First, you will have to measure coffee weight. You can use a scale to measure it and prepare the desired amount of coffee. After measuring it, take some water and put it either on an electric kettle or stove. While heating, make sure to set the temperature around 200-205°F.
  • After that, focus on grinding the coffee. While grinding, try to achieve a medium-fine consistency. Remember that the consistency is finer as compared to sand.
  • Now take a filter and fold it along the perforated edge. Put it inside the brewer and place it above the cup where you want to put your coffee.
  • After that, you will need to pre-wet it. For this, add some amount of hot water over the filter and try to rinse it. Remove the water and place the cone on the cup top.
  • Now you will need to pour coffee into the filter. After pouring, make sure to shake it so that it gets settled.
  • After that, allow coffee to drip.

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