What are White Coffee Beans? – A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you might not be familiar with white coffee yet. It’s likely quite a few individuals haven’t even heard of it. This could be because you primarily enjoy your coffee in the comfort of your home, as opposed to frequenting cafes. Nevertheless, the ongoing surge in the popularity of white coffee has not gone unnoticed, with an increasing number of coffee shops recognizing the evolving trend.

If you do not know much about white coffee beans, do not worry because we can help you. In this guide, you learn everything about white coffee. You will find the difference between a regular black coffee and white coffee drinks, what it tastes like, and various other things.

What is White Coffee?

Some people believe that coffee with milk is known as white coffee, which is not true. White coffee refers to the bean type utilized for brewing coffee. White coffee beans are roasted at a moderate temperature. 

This type of coffee beans is roasted halfway and has a light color. Because of its color, this kind of coffee is known as white coffee. The taste of white coffee is nutty. 

The history of white coffee is quite old. About a century ago, researchers discovered that they could improve the harsh taste of low-grade coffee beans by roasting them partially. On roasting such coffee beans partially, you will notice the beans turning white. This change in color will also give you a better idea of the process. 

During the process, it also releases a succulent nutty flavor. However, unlike other coffee beans, some people might struggle to roast the white coffee beans correctly. Roasting the white beans properly will help you attain a tasty coffee flavor. 

Further, some coffee lovers might get confused between light roast coffee and white coffee. Remember that both the white coffee and light roast coffee are different.

Moreover, some people might get confused with the name of this coffee. People think that white coffee has its name because of its white color, which is not true. The white coffee bean is not exactly white. It has a lighter brown color as compared to other roasted coffees.

Where Does White Coffee Come From?

In recent times, white coffee is one of the most popular trends in coffee shops. Coffee lovers from all over the world are getting addicted to white coffee because of its taste. 

Around 10 years ago, white coffee was discovered in Yemen. The white coffee beans are roasted at 325⁰F. After getting roasted at such a temperature, the beans are then ground with the help of commercial grinders

On brewing, you will see pale beige or whitish color beans. As compared to various other coffees, the bitterness of white coffee is low. Further, do not get confused with flat white and white coffee. 

Both of these are different types of coffee. The flat white involves mixing milk and espresso coffee, while the white coffee indicates the roasting process. In white coffee, the roasting of beans is quite light, due to which it does not get dark brown like other roasted coffee beans.

How Many Types of White Coffee Are There?

Many coffee lovers are confused by white coffee. Some people believe that any coffee drink that has milk in it is a type of white coffee. A few people also think that coffee made from lightly roasted coffee beans is also white coffee. 

However, white coffee is the type of coffee that includes light coffee beans. Some of the coffee types that got the white coffee name because of the milk or creamer added are Malaysian white coffee, Indonesia Kopi Putih coffee, and flat white coffee. Also, the white coffee carries a lighter color and a unique taste.

How Do You Brew White Coffee?

When roasted, white coffee appears harder and denser as compared to fully-roasted coffee. Because of that, they can be difficult to grind. You will need to grind the coffee beans if you do not have them in pre-ground form.

You will need a more powerful grinder for white coffee. If you have any grinder at your home, make sure that it is strong enough to handle the white coffee beans. 

After that, it is brewed just like regular coffee. The brewing process of regular coffee and white coffee is the same, so you will not find any difficulty preparing it.

Characteristics of White Coffee Beans

Following are some of the characteristics of white coffee that will let you know more about this beverage.


People are usually quite concerned about the taste of coffee while choosing a new beverage. In terms of white coffee, it has a nutty taste. The acidity of this beverage is also noticeable, while its bitterness is very low. The organic acids available in it do not evaporate quickly. 

Further, it does not have any bitter aftertaste. If you compare the taste of white coffee with other types of coffee, you might find out that it is less tasty. Though it is less tasty, it has high caffeine in it. Because of more caffeine present, many coffee lovers prefer this drink.


The white coffee beans also have plenty of antioxidants in them. The antioxidants have many health benefits. It will protect cells in your body and make you feel healthier. 

It guards the body against free radicals, which will prevent many health diseases. So, apart from enjoying the tasty drink, you will also experience many health gains from white coffee.


Some coffee lovers usually question whether white coffee has more caffeine than fully-roasted coffee. Well, yes, white coffee has more caffeine as compared to fully-roasted coffee. 

White coffee has more caffeine content in it because coffee is roasted at a lower temperature. Also, the roasting duration of the white coffee bean is less, which makes it lose less caffeine. 

In order to determine how much caffeine is in coffee, bean density is measured, which changes based on how long the beans are roasted. If you roast beans for a long time, they will get less dense, which will result in less caffeine. 

Due to this, dark roast coffee beans have a lower amount of caffeine than white coffee. However, the flavor of light coffee is milder because the roasting time is less. 

You will get more caffeine per scoop of white coffee. In comparison to fully-roasted coffee, white coffee has nearly 50% more caffeine in it. Therefore, if you want a beverage with high caffeine, then you should try white coffee.

White Coffee vs. Regular Coffee – What’s the Difference?

The difference between regular and white coffee is the roasting process, flavor, and time it takes to complete the roasting process. For the roasting of white coffee, the temperature is kept lower. 

If you drink both regular coffee and white coffee, you will notice a clear difference. The flavor of both the coffee is unique. Also, you will not get a denser liquid on brewing the white coffee beans in your home brewer. 

However, with the second pour-over, you will obtain denser liquid. If you want to enjoy the deep coffee aroma, you should also add a scoop of regular roasted coffee. 

The amount of caffeine is higher in white coffee than in regular coffee. This high caffeine content is because of the heat on which the beans are roasted. When the regular coffee beans are roasted at a high temperature for a longer period, the caffeine in the bean breaks down.

What are the Benefits of White Coffee?

High caffeine content is the prime benefit that you will get with white coffee. If you compare the amount of caffeine in white coffee and fully-roasted coffee, you will find that white coffee has 50% more caffeine in it. 

Some coffee drinkers also state that white coffee is easier on the stomach as compared to regular coffee. Not only this, but the white coffee is also less acidic and has more antioxidants. 

Mostly coffee gets acidic when roasted, but as the white coffee roasts halfway, it gets less acidic. During the roasting process, the white coffee retains chlorogenic acid, which also makes it more antioxidant. 

This more chlorogenic acid present in white coffee can be a bonus point for health-conscious people. Due to chlorogenic acid, you will get more health benefits from white coffee than regular coffee. This chlorogenic acid can help reduce the risk of diabetes. Also, it stimulates the weight loss process and reduces blood pressure. 

Another advantage of using white coffee is that it has fewer teeth discoloration as compared to dark coffee. Some coffee lovers also say that white coffee is smoother than many other types of coffee. So, you will get many benefits from drinking white coffee. 


White Coffee beans have a high amount of caffeine with a nutty taste and low bitterness. The white coffee gets these characteristics because of less roasting time and low temperature. Just like a regular coffee, you can easily brew the white coffee within no time. 

Besides, it also has several health benefits, so many coffee lovers like to drink this beverage. To learn more about white coffee beans, make sure to go through this article. You will discover the history, types, benefits, and many other things about white coffee beans. 

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