What is Immersion Coffee Brewing and How to Do it

While there are many ways to brew coffee, the most frequently employed techniques are immersion and drip brewing. Both methods produce slightly unique outcomes, with the immersion brewing process generally resulting in a more robust result.

There are several ways by which you can conduct the immersion coffee brewing, which you will learn further. But what is the immersion brewing method, and how can it help you achieve a better outcome? 

So, you might think about these and various other questions about immersion coffee brewing. But you do not work because, in this article, we will tell you everything about immersion brewing and how it differs from other brewing methods.

What is Immersion Coffee Brewing?

Immersion coffee brewing is a kind of brewing method that involves the use of water and coffee grounds. It is a manual brewing method where we use the coffee and water blend at the same time. 

Apart from the blend of coffee and water, we will also utilize a coarse grind with it. The best thing about the immersion coffee brewing method is that it gives better control of the coffee. 

You can manage the water temperature, the coffee ground size, and the interaction time of water and coffee grounds. Once you are done with it, you take the mixture and pass it through a filter. 

After passing it through a filter, you will get a tasty cup of immersion brewed coffee as a result. The flavor and taste produced by immersion coffee brewing are slightly different from other methods. 

Further, there are various coffee gadgets that you can use to perform the immersion coffee brewing. French press is among the most popular products that help to achieve it. French press contains a mesh filter, and a cylindrical container will offer an ideal condition for this brewing method.

General Immersion Brewing Tips

If you have the correct guidelines and quality gadgets, you can easily master brewing within no time. Here we have added a few immersion brewing tips to help you make the right cup of coffee.

Tip 1: Grind Size

No matter what type of brewing coffee method you choose, the grind size is quite important. If you want to prepare coffee using the immersion brewer, make sure to keep the grind size fairly coarse. 

If you have chosen too finely ground, you might struggle to attain the outcome you want. Other than the too finely ground, the pre-ground coffee might also not give the desired outcome. 

Therefore, we suggest using coarse instead of finely ground or pre-ground coffee for an immersion coffee brewing. Grinding the right size is essential as it will help you achieve the desired taste you like. 

Therefore, you should not ignore the grind size if you want a tasty immersion coffee. You can even purchase the whole coffee bean from a local store and grind it yourself. 

For grinding, you can use a coffee grinder as it will make the process a lot easier. However, if you do not own a coffee grinder, you can visit a store with a public grinder where you can grind the beans. 

Make sure to keep the coarse setting while grinding the coffee beans. Some brands even provide coarser coffee beans in a pre-ground form, so you can also purchase that if you want.

Tip 2: Coffee-to-Water Ratio

Pouring extra or less water while preparing the coffee will alter its taste completely. In the same way, if you use excessive or few coffee grounds, it will surely affect the taste. 

Therefore, you should keep the ratio of coffee and water in mind while making the coffee. No matter what brew methods you prefer, the coffee-to-water ratio is the vital thing that you cannot ignore. 

You can keep a 1:17 or 1:15 coffee-to-water ratio while using the immersion method. Other than this, you can also do experiments by altering the water or coffee ratio. By trying different rations yourself, you will be able to make the right decision as per your taste. 

Besides, you can also use a kitchen scale for this task. A kitchen scale will help you choose the correct ratio easily. With the help of a kitchen scale, you can weigh water and coffee beans to attain consistency. However, you can also use a measuring cup for this task, but a kitchen scale is a much better option.

Tip 3: The Gear

If you do not have the right gear, you might struggle to make a coffee as a beginner. However, you do not require having hundreds of accessories to get the coffee you want, but there are a few items that you should keep with you in your kitchen if you want consistent quality. 

Some of these items include a gram scale and a burr grinder. Other than this, it will be better if you also have a thermometer and a slow-pouring kettle. 

A thermometer will help you keep the temperature of your coffee stable. You will easily be able to decide the right coffee temperature if you use the thermometer. Besides, the slow-pouring kettle will let you attain pouring consistency.

Tip 4: Temperature

You will also require keeping the temperature and a suitable temperature to attain the results you want. You can use any temperature water to brew the coffee like an expert, but you will surely struggle in this process if you are a beginner. Therefore, you should try attaining the best temperature for brewing to achieve the desired outcome.

How to Perform Immersion Brewing Using French Press?

The French press is quite popular all over the world because of its ease of use. It will help you make better coffee within a short time. The best thing about the French press is that it supports achieving better texture and richness.  

Steps to Perform Immersion Brewing Using French Press

Follow the steps to make coffee using immersion brewers.

  • First, you will need to decide the correct coffee-to-water ratio. Most coffee lovers keep around a 1:15 coffee-to-water ratio while making coffee through immersion brewing. By 1:15 coffee-to-water ratio, we mean that you will require using around 300 g of water with 20 g of coffee.
  • After selecting the right ratio, pour the required amount of water into a bowl and boil it.
  • During the boiling of the water, take the required quantity of coffee beans and start grinding them. Make sure to keep the coarse setting during the grinding process.
  • After you are done with boiling the water, begin the timer and start putting water over the coffee ground. After that, wait for a minute.
  • Watch the timer and when it reaches one minute, make sure to start stirring the mixture of coffee and water. While mixing, make sure that the ground coffee comes in contact with the water so that you get a better outcome.
  • Now wait for around 4 minutes and let the coffee sit.
  • Once the time is complete, press the French press plunger and stop when it reaches the bottom. Keep in mind not the coffee the coffee ground presents in the French press bottom. If you squeeze the coffee ground, it will result in a harsh and bitter taste.

Now your coffee is ready. Apart from this, you can also use the pour-over coffee method. For this, you will need a paper filter and hot water.

How to Perform Immersion Brewing Process Using Cold Brew?

Like the French press, the cold brew method is also very much popular worldwide. Cold-brew is also an immersion-style brew that will help you attain the outcome you want. 

Unlike the French press coffee, the coffee produced using cold brew has a sweeter taste and is less acidic, which is why coffee lovers like it. You will enjoy a smooth, velvety texture with the cold brew coffee.

Steps to Perform Immersion Brewing Using Cold Brew

If you want to make coffee using cold coffee brewers, then follow the given steps. Make sure not to miss any step if you want a perfect cup of coffee. 

  • Before starting, make sure to measure the coffee to water ratio to achieve the desired taste. 1:7 is the coffee-to-water ratio that most coffee experts prefer. By preferring this ratio, you can attain a much concentrated and smooth coffee.
  • Now take the coffee ground and grind it extremely coarsely. Make sure that ground coffee is coarser enough that you can even utilize it for regular French presses.
  • After that, take the required amount of coffee and water and add them to the French press.
  • Once you are done adding coffee and water in a French press, you will require stirring it. Keep on stirring until the grounds get saturated.
  • Wait for a few minutes and let the cold brew sit for hours. Experts recommend keeping cold brew for around 16 hours at room temperature to get tasty cold brew coffee.
  • After that, plunge the coffee and put it into a separate carafe.

Your coffee is ready. You can serve it straight or put ice over it.

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