What is Instant Coffee and How to Use it

Instant coffee is highly regarded for its speed and easiness to prepare compared to traditional coffee. It’s also more cost-effective and its flavor is greatly appreciated. Instant coffee is a soluble beverage made from a mixture of dried coffee concentrates and different types of coffee beans.

By extracting the liquid of coffee beans, the beans are then converted into powder coffee. Instant coffee is then made from the brewed coffee. Instant coffee is brewed in the same way as regular coffee brewed. 

The difference between them is that instant coffee is more concentrated. The granules of instant coffee are easily dissolved in water. It then gives you a fine cup of coffee that you love to drink.

Methods to Make Instant Coffee

Following, you will learn more about these methods.

1. Spray Drying Method

This method of making instant coffee is like brewing the actual coffee. In this, the changing from liquid coffee to instant coffee takes place. This process takes about 5 to 30 seconds. The spray drying method involves the following steps;

  • The ground coffee is sprayed from a high tower. This high tower is present in a large hot air chamber.
  • The droplets fall from this chamber. When droplets start falling, the remaining water starts to evaporate.
  • After this, dry crystals of coffee powder start making. These dry crystals then fall to the bottom of the chamber.

In the spray drying method, the temperature is very high. This high temperature affects the oil’s coffee. Due to which many flavors of the coffee are completely lost. For enhancing its flavors, this coffee is then mixed with other flavors. It is also fused with other processes that involve steam.

2. Freeze Drying Method

With the help of the freeze-drying method, most of the coffee flavor can be preserved. But this is a little more procedure. The freeze-drying procedure is a little bit expensive, but you will feel the clear difference in flavor. The freeze-drying method involves the following steps;

  • In this method, the coffee is frozen to about -40 Celsius. The coffee is frozen very rapidly.
  • This frozen coffee is then placed in the drying chamber. In this chamber, a vacuum is created. After this, the chamber is then heated.
  • In the chamber, the frozen coffee warms up. The frozen water then expands into the gas. All this happens with the help of the sublimation process. After this, only dry grains of coffee were left behind.

Both of these methods affect the flavor and the content of the coffee. Due to which the coffee powders are then supplemented with different other flavors and aroma compounds. These flavors and aroma enhance the fresh coffee.

Different Uses of Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is not used only for drinking purposes but is also used for some other purpose. Instant coffee easily dissolves in water and any other liquid. Different people used it in cooking, baking, and in coffee drinks.

You can easily use instant coffee in coffee cakes, iced coffee, coffee milkshakes, and more. You can use it according to your choice and need. It will give you an amazing coffee flavor in your favorite dishes. Some other advantages include;

Less Preparation Time

As the name suggests, a cup of instant coffee is made instantly. If you want to enjoy a good drink immediately, then you can make it. It requires less preparation time than the regular drink. 

The granules of instant coffee are quickly dissolved in water. After dissolving in water, the granules will give you fine texture and outstanding taste.

Longer Shelf Life

You can use instant coffee for longer times. You can use instant coffee more times than the regular one. As it has a longer shelf life than the other coffee formats.

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No Need to Buy Coffee Machines

Instant coffee is very easy to make. You can easily make it on your own. There is no need to buy coffee machines for this purpose. It will save you money and time. Without a machine, you enjoy the same taste and flavor.

Easy to Cleanup

In other coffee, the granules sometimes remain inside the cup. After having a drink, they stick to the cup. Due to this, it is not easy to clean them. 

Many times, it becomes irritating and difficult. But in instant coffee, there are no coffee grounds left in the cup. The instant coffee is in ground form. You can easily save the cleanup of coffee.

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Health Benefits of Instant Coffee

Many types of research show that many health benefits relate to instant coffee. These health benefits include

Reduce the Risk of Disease

Coffee may help to reduce the risk of disease. If you are suffering from a disease, then coffee can’t cure it. Many types of research show that people who drink coffee are less likely to suffer from a disease. It may reduce the risk of neurodegenerative and type 2 diabetes disease. 

The antioxidants present in coffee help to boost the cells that are sensitive to insulin. The cell then regulates the blood sugar level. The regulation of blood sugar levels then reduces type 2 diabetes disease.

Increase in Metabolic Rate

Coffee helps people that have a slow metabolic rate. Coffee helps to increase the metabolic rate and improve the fat-burning process. If you take coffee before a workout, then it improves your strength and power. You can see a clear difference in yourself. It will help you to lose your fat.

Improve Liver Health

Coffee also improves liver health. Many types of research show that people who drink coffee are less likely to suffer from liver disease. These people have lower chances to suffer from cirrhosis.

Improve Mental Health

The people who drink coffee are more active and mentally healthy. It gives pleasant feelings and lowers the risk of depression.


In this article, you will learn what instant coffee is. You will also find out various methods of making instant coffee at your home. By following the given methods, you can prepare instant coffee anytime you want. You will also discover various benefits of it.

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