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Best Manual Coffee Grinders

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KudosHolmes Manual Coffee Grinder

Best Value
Silva Manual Coffee Grinder

Top Pick
Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

Written by Sofia Moore
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Have you ever been curious about manual or hand-crank coffee grinders? Or maybe you’re interested in grinding your own coffee. Doing it manually can yield many great things when it comes to making the ever-perfect cup each and every time. A lot of coffee drinkers swear by manually grinding your coffee, and it holds true that its superior in every way to a lot of pre-ground coffee. You may be used to grocery store coffee, but you should totally give manual grinding a chance.If you’re looking for a great way to grind your own coffee beans manually, then here are a few hand grinders that may work best for you. Take a look at these reviews of the best manual coffee grinders so you’d be able to find what works for your needs.

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How to Grind Coffee Beans

  • 1

    Silva Manual Coffee Grinder

Also marketed as a spice grinder, Silva’s coffee grinder is as versatile as it gets. It’s durable and ready for travel without much hassle. If you’re a traveler by heart or if you want something to bring around, this manual coffee grinder from Silva might be the best option for you. It’s also great for people who are just starting out with manual coffee grinding since it’s so straightforward to use. It does take a while to get working properly according to some users, but once you get the hang of it, you can make perfect grounds.


Small and portable


Also works for spices


Needs some fine-tuning to get perfect grounds

Works better on coffee than on spices

  • 2

    ​JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

This manual coffee grinder by JavaPresse isn’t the most innovative in terms of design, but is still a well-built product that could be the perfect choice for someone who wants that morning or afternoon fix. It’s a versatile device that allows for multiple settings, so you’ll have more choices as to the type of grind you want for your coffee. Like the other grinders on this list, it also has a compact design that doesn’t take up a lot of space, making it perfect for the coffee nomad. According to some users, however, grinding espresso can be a long and tedious process.


Has over 18 click settings

Slim and compact in size

Small and portable


Design doesn't stand out

Getting extra fine grounds can take some time and effort

  • 3

    Flafster Kitchen Coffee Grinder

Flafster’s manual coffee grinder may not be the most durable out there according to some users, but the problem has easily been solved by their excellent customer service. The most distinguishing feature of the coffee grinder is the nut that holds the handle in place, which is a godsend for many users, as manual grinders are notorious for handles coming off. It also has a mostly noiseless grinding process, but the amount of coffee beans you can grind at one time can be pretty limited. If you detest noisy coffee grinders and don’t mind taking some risk when it comes to durability, then you might want to consider this manual coffee grinder.


Noise-free and precise grind

Good handle construction

Great customer service


Overall durability can be an issue

Limited grind capacity

  • 4

    KudosHolmes Manual Coffee Grinder

Popular for its classic design and ability to make smooth grounds in a pinch, this manual grinder by KudoHolmes could be the perfect companion for most coffee lovers. However, this product does need some getting used to and can be daunting for beginners since the grind settings aren’t marked. This requires new users to experiment a bit with the settings before they can get their preferred grind.


Mostly noise-free

Durable and sturdy

Small and portable


Not beginner friendly

Needs some fine-tuning to get perfect grounds

  • 5

    Shanik Manual Coffee Grinder

This portable and lightweight manual coffee grinder might be the perfect companion during for grinding-on-the-go. Its conical burr may not have fared well for some users, but the box does include a replacement. What makes this stand out over the others is its measuring base, which is perfect for those looking for a bit more precision in their coffee grinding. That said, you may want to look into the Shanik manual coffee grinder to see for yourself if it’s the best manual grinder for you.


Has a measuring base for precise grinding

Small, portable, and even comes with a traveling bag


Has durability issues with its ceramic burr

  • 6

    Mueller Austria Manual Coffee Grinder

If you want an excellent piece of German engineering in your arsenal, then this manual coffee grinder from Mueller could be the perfect fit. With the option to dial in your grind size, you can carefully gauge how you want your grounds to be. This is perfect for those meticulous coffee drinkers who want perfect control for their grind. Though it can take a while to grind beans, this is a common problem for most manual coffee grinders. Nevertheless, this grinder is sure to be a good fit for many considering its overall quality.


Has the option to dial in your grind size

High-quality German engineering

Small and portable


Design does not stand out

Getting extra fine grounds can take some time and effort

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    Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

Although not as popular as other manual coffee grinders because of its price, this product is great for hardcore enthusiasts who want that perfect grind. It functions faster than a lot of other grinders and the material it’s made from ensures that it stays free from rust. It also has a stylish black finish, which makes it stand out from most other grinders which have a steel finish. Some users, however, have complained about the grip strength needed to operate this grinder. Nevertheless, if you’re not particular about the price, then you should definitely give this grinder a shot!


Design stands out from most other grounds

Good overall durability

Fast and consistent grind


Requires strong grip strength

Rather pricey

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should you grind beans manually?

For the most part, many people would never go back to buying pre-ground beans. There are a lot of reasons to this. For one thing, there’s the contamination factor. You’re not exactly sure where the coffee is manufactured, regardless of its brand name. Contaminants can affect the flavor, giving you an unpleasant experience.

Shelf life is also another factor. You’re not entirely sure how long grounds have been sitting in shops, so you’re not going to get the freshness you need. As opposed to making fresh grounds, you may be stuck with coffee that turns stale after a while.

Grinding your own beans is always the best choice if you want the perfect cup. That’s how you make sure you get the best experience out of every cup of coffee.

What are some things you should consider when choosing a manual coffee grinder?

For one thing, it’s easy to rush into getting a run-of-the-mill grinder. After all, there are plenty of choices on the market (along with some suspiciously cheap ones). However, it’s always a great idea to take your time and consider its overall quality and durability to ensure that you’re getting the most for your money. You should also consider how straightforward it is to use, how precise you can get your grind, how much effort you need to put into grinding, and the other features which may set it apart from its competition.

What are the basics to grinding coffee beans?

Before you begin, take note of the grind you want, whether you want it coarse, medium, fine, and extra fine. That would depend on the type of coffee you want to make, whether you just want to take it black or make a cup of espresso. Consider also the type of coffee maker you are to use, whether it be a French press or a pour over, or a standard electric coffee maker. Whichever works best for you!

You then need to learn to shake while you grind. This does take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy enough to get the perfect grind out of this technique, as it allows the grounds and the beans to loosen up. You don’t need to press down hard on the handle, as this may give you some chunky bits of coffee beans.

Of course, take into account the roast of the beans you’re using, whether it be light, medium, or dark roast. Remember that some roasts are easier to grind than others.

Blade or Burr?

When it comes to manual coffee grinders, you have two choices of components, whether it be blade or burr. You may be wondering what the difference is between the two, especially since you’re probably under the impression that manual coffee grinders typically use blades when it comes to grinding coffee beans.

Many enthusiasts swear by burrs, but that doesn’t mean you need to downplay blades, since they’re okay for beginners. However, they do give you inconsistent grounds, so it’s understandable why a lot of those who’ve been grinding coffee beans manually. As much as possible, do look for burr coffee grinders, since it’ll be easier for you to get a more consistent grind that way.

How difficult is it to get started with manual grinding?

Not too difficult! It does seem like a daunting thing to do and you may not get it right the first time, but getting the right manual grinder and the right method of grinding coffee beans, you’ll get something that you and others like you can totally appreciate.

If you need more information on manual grinding, there are always tutorials available online that you can follow. You may also join a group of manual grinders who have done it for quite some time and they can give you the right tips and tricks to grinding your own coffee. Don’t be intimidated! It’s always a process that you need to go through before getting the perfect grounds by yourself.


Looking for a manual coffee grinder and portable coffee mills need not be an affair that’ll take too much of your time, as there are plenty out there available in the market today. If you’re looking to start with grinding coffee beans manually, then be sure to look for the right one that’ll fit your needs as well as you can. Take the time to read more reviews and testimonials, but it’s always better to see for yourself which one’s the perfect fit for you. Again, it’s a complex process that you can always learn to do so along the way.

Are you ready to grind your own coffee manually? Then go ahead, look for the perfect manual coffee grinder and get started.1