10 Easy Steps to Using a Keurig Coffee Machine

Should you be a coffee aficionado, capitalizing on a Keurig coffee maker for your home is a fantastic choice, irrespective of your regular coffee intake. The appliance, structured for your ease, employs K-cups and a swift, straightforward brewing mechanism, enabling you to effortlessly relish your morning brew without it taking up a substantial amount of your time.

Have you just purchased a Keurig or are you planning to get one? If you’re torn on how a Keurig coffee machine functions overall, then you’ll find that it’s fairly easy to make that first, near-perfect brew in the comfort of your living space.

For that perfect cup of coffee with a Keurig, here are the essential steps to doing so.

1. Turn the Machine On

You’ll need to plug the Keurig in if you’re going to go anywhere. Make sure that the machine is correctly plugged in with just about the right voltage. See if it is turned on. Normally, Keurig machines will take a little amount of time to calibrate and some will heat and prepare the water for brewing. Always practice caution when doing so, as the heat could scald you and a faulty Keurig machine could cause serious damage to your home.

2. Fill the Machine’s Reservoir

Of course, you won’t be able to brew coffee using a Keurig without water itself. Keurig machines typically have removable reservoirs, making it easier for you to fill water Fill the reservoir with as much water as you like, but maybe a little more, as the next step is also fairly essential if you want that perfect brew. Another thing is that you shouldn’t leave water in the reservoir for too long, because who knows what could make its way into the water, which could well make your coffee taste unpleasant!

3. Place a Mug at the Bottom of the Machine

But don’t start the machine yet though, or you’ll have hot water pouring out unto your countertops! Remember to place a mug or a cup at the bottom of the machine, so as to catch whatever the Keurig produces. We’re not brewing coffee yet at this point, but it’s always a good practice to have a vessel on drip tray, at the bottom of your Keurig.

4. Do a Cleansing Brew

Even if your Keurig is relatively new and unused, who knows what could be lurking beneath its filters and mechanisms, among other things? It’s best to do a cleansing brew just to ensure that nothing ever comes through the process, which could make your cup of coffee not taste as good as you want it. See the point about adding a little extra water in the reservoir? Don’t forget to discard the extra water, let you end up with diluted coffee.

5. Use the K-cup of Your Choice

K-cups come in many different flavors and varieties. Whether you like your coffee strong or mild, you have a wide array of choices available to you, all measured and ready to go, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your coffee being less flavorful or too flavorful—if that’s a thing at all. K-cups are fairly easy to use and add a bit of convenience to your fast-paced life.

6. Insert the K-cup of Your Choice into the Machine

Once you’ve picked your choice of K-cup, then you of course are going to insert it into the machine. This process involves lifting the Keurig’s handle to reveal the slot for the K-cup pod, where you’ll have to put the pod in place. Closing the handle will get your Keurig machine ready to brew, once the chamber is fully closed, of course.

7. Choose Your Preferred Brew Size

Is the mug at the bottom of your Keurig still there? Have you discarded the water in it? If so, then good! What you need to do in this case is to pick from the few options for how much coffee you need, based on the size of your mug. Most Keurig machines allow you to choose from different sizes, suitable for full-sized mugs or espresso shot cups. You can essentially go as much or as less as you want, so long as it won’t dilute the K-cup’s flavor.

8. Wait for the Coffee to Brew

Once you’ve chosen your brew size, the Keurig will then start the brewing process for you, and all that you’ll have to do is wait it out. This’ll usually take you about a minute to get a perfect cup of coffee, but in some cases, maybe even less, especially if you’re using a smaller cup. You’ll hear a loud burst of air once the Keurig has done brewing.

9. Enjoy Your Coffee

Carefully lift the mug from the drip tray and take in the aroma of the coffee you just brewed almost instantly. Savor the earthy flavor that no one would have thought could come out of a simple coffee pod, brewed in a minute or less. You’ll find yourself satisfied over the coffee you just brewed through a relatively small machine all on your own.

10. Brew More Coffee

But why stop there? If you enjoy your coffee’s flavor so much, then go ahead and make some more cups. You can try other varieties of K-cups as well, or you may brew more coffee for your friends and family members. It won’t take a lot of your time to brew with a Keurig machine after all, so feel free to have some more and share your experience with everyone around.

As coffee lovers, we all want that perfect gourmet coffee even at home, but we’ll need something that won’t take too long to brew. A Keurig coffee machine affords us of that convenience, and more, without compromising on flavor and aroma. Seeing how easy it is to brew that perfect cup of coffee, are you ready to start your journey with a Keurig machine?

Make the most out of your morning cup with the best Keurig machine and K-cups available for you today.

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