How to Make Coffee Taste Good

Not all coffee is made equal, and many of us have experienced tasteless or overly bitter cups. So, what’s the secret to a delicious cup of coffee? Several factors need to be considered when creating your perfect morning beverage.

There are quite a few variables when it comes to coffee that tastes good and we are not talking about adding flavorings or milk or cream, this is about what makes the coffee itself taste good to start with. 

Here are some top tips for how to make coffee taste good: 

Buy Good Quality Coffee

Yes, it might be more expensive but there is a reason for that. There are different quality levels of coffee beans and the lower the quality, the worse they taste so aim for the highest possible quality you can buy. 

It should be coffee that has been graded professionally and is often described as specialty coffee. The higher the quality the better the taste, and also make sure it’s as fresh as possible as that makes a big difference, and it will last longer. 

Buy Beans

Freshly ground coffee only lasts a few weeks so if you want great tasting coffee the best option is to buy your own roasted beans and then grind them yourself at home. Beans will keep for a few months before they go stale. 

Buy really good quality beans from a coffee roaster, at peak freshness, and then just grind them as and when you need to make coffee. That way you know they are fresh, good quality, and your coffee will taste amazing.

Store Your Coffee Properly

Make sure you have the right storage facilities for your freshly ground coffee beans to make the most of them. You don’t want them in a glass jar on display in your bright kitchen, however nice that may look. 

Light, air, and heat will all make your coffee go stale more quickly so they need to be stored in an airtight container in a dark place at room temperature. Think of a Tupperware box at the back of a kitchen cupboard.

Choose Your Coffee Machine Carefully

If you are using an electric coffee maker then make sure you buy a quality one as the cheap coffee makers tend not to reach the optimum temperature for the perfect cup – if the temperature isn’t hot enough your coffee can be sour or flavorless.

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Try a Manual Coffee Maker

If you don’t want to splash out on an expensive coffee maker then try going for a manual coffee maker like a French press, where you can control the temperature of the water and just how much coffee you put in and how long it gets to brew for.

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Good Quality Water

One of the reasons that coffee tastes better in cafes is that they filter the water. As coffee is largely made up of water it makes sense to start out with good quality water as well as good quality coffee beans. 

If there are too many minerals in it, or your water is hard, you will get a full cup of coffee. You just need to buy a water filter jug and only use the filtered water when you are making your coffee, it will make a big difference.

Make Changes to Improve Your Coffee Taste

If you want to improve the taste of your coffee then you need to make adjustments and changes until you are perfectly happy with everything. Here are a few key changes you can make to improve the taste:

Brew Longer or Shorter

How long you brew your coffee can make all the difference, that’s why a manual coffee maker is better as you can control how long your coffee brews for. If it tastes bitter then you may have left it too long. You can experiment with different brew times until it is perfect. 

Grind Larger or Smaller

If you are grinding your own beans then try grinding them more coarsely or finer, to get different tastes and flavors, and to suit the coffee maker which you are using as that can also make a real difference to the taste. 


There are many ways to make coffee taste good but the two main factors are quality and freshness. If you start off with good quality beans, good quality water, and can control the brewing process to just how you like it, then there is no reason to ever suffer from poor-tasting coffee again. 

Good quality tasting coffee is not cheap but then you get the taste that you pay for. The lower quality beans will be used by manufacturers for instant coffee, which is why fresh always tastes so much nicer. 

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