How To Make Espresso At Home

Admit it, there are times when all you crave is a caffeine boost and only an espresso can satiate this desire. Luckily, there are countless simple methods to create the perfect espresso in the comfort of your own home.

So next time you are craving a super-strong coffee, don’t head to the nearest coffee shop. Just make sure you have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen and you can get to work creating your own perfect espresso at home. 

The first thing you need to create your espresso is either some ready-ground espresso coffee or fresh coffee beans to grind at home and a really good grinder. The key to espresso is a fine powder-like grind, so if you are doing it yourself at home, you need a high-quality coffee grinder. 

Once you have the coffee ready, there are several different options you can choose for how to go about making that perfect espresso at home.

Buy an Espresso Machine

By far the easiest way to create your own perfect espresso at home is to invest in an espresso coffee maker for your kitchen. There are many models out there and they often use convenient coffee pods which you can buy already loaded, so there is no mess and no need for filters. 

The downside is these machines can be on the pricey side and if you buy a pod version you must buy lots of pods each time you want to experience your coffee, rather than having the joy of grinding your own beans. However, there are all sorts of espresso coffee makers to choose from so just go for one that fits in with your taste and lifestyle.

Use Your AeroPress

If you don’t have an espresso machine but you do have an AeroPress you can use it to make yourself an espresso really easily. It’s the perfect machine for making a double shot quickly and easily. For this to work, you will need the following: 

  • Your AeroPress
  • Coffee beans or ready ground coffee
  • A good coffee grinder
  • A tablespoon
  • A kettle

You need to put the kettle on and boil some water while you are grinding your coffee beans. You need your coffee beans to be ground very finely and you will need to make around two tablespoons of coffee grounds with them. 

Allow the water to cool to just below boiling temperature. Place your filter inside your AeroPress drain cap and then put that onto the coffee maker and place it directly onto your coffee mug. You are now ready to start the process.

Put your coffee into the AeroPress and tap the grounds tightly into a small puck. Next, take around half a cup of the water from your kettle and pour it into your coffee maker and stir the mixture. After half a minute, push down the plunger and then you can take the AeroPress off your coffee mug and enjoy your espresso shot. 

Make sure you clean out your AeroPress and wash it with warm soapy water before you use it to make your next espresso shot.

Use Your Stove Top Coffee Maker

If you have a stovetop coffee maker you can also use it to make a coffee that is remarkably similar to your usual espresso as it works using steam and water pressure, which is essentially the same way an espresso machine works. 

If you are going to use one of these coffee pots, which just sits on top of a direct heat source, you will need the following items: 

  • Your stovetop coffee maker
  • Coffee beans or ready ground coffee
  • A coffee grinder
  • A tablespoon
  • Water
  • A heat source

First, you need to grind your coffee beans very finely or use ready ground espresso coffee. You will need around four teaspoons for your stovetop coffee machine. Next, add cold water to the reservoir at the bottom of the pot. 

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You need to put the coffee into the basket and then attach all the elements of the stovetop coffee maker together. Put the pot onto a medium-level heat source and allow it time to brew, before removing it from the stove. Once the coffee is ready you can serve it and enjoy it. Easy espresso at home.

Use Your French Press

Now a French press might not be the obvious choice for making espresso as it’s traditionally used with coarse grounds and we all know that espresso requires exceptionally fine grounds for its creation, but with a small adaptation, it is entirely possible to make your favorite Italian coffee in one. 

Here is what you will need for this to work: 

  • Your French press
  • Coffee beans or ready ground espresso coffee
  • A grinder
  • A tablespoon
  • A kettle

Again, you need to start by grinding your beans very finely, and depending on the size of your French Press, you will need two tablespoons of coffee for each cup you want to make. Boil the kettle while you are grinding the beans. 

For this to become espresso-style, you are going to use double the number of spoons of coffee you would generally use. Add the coffee to your French Press and then just add a small amount of water to bring out the coffee flavors.

Then add the rest of the water to your French Press and close the lid. Don’t stir it and leave it to brew for five minutes or so to allow it to reach espresso strength. Don’t leave it longer than this or you risk it becoming bitter. 

Now you are ready to plunge so take it halfway down, then bring it back up and plunge again, all the way down this time. You can then serve your coffee. This is the least effective option and you will need to watch out for any grounds in the bottom of your cup but it will still taste amazing.

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