What is an AeroPress Espresso and How to Use it

Many coffee connoisseurs are unfamiliar with AeroPress coffee. This beverage is marked by its robust, intense, and sharp taste, which is generally more concentrated than other coffee varieties. The small bubbly froth that forms on the surface generally dissolves shortly after being served.

Further, the AeroPress espresso is a bit concentrated and balanced. However, the concentration or intensity level of AeroPress coffee is less than the real espresso. 

Now you might think about whether the AeroPress espresso is worth trying or not? Is it delicious like real espresso or not? To know about this, you must go through this article because here you will learn everything about AeroPress coffee.

What is AeroPress?

AeroPress is a device that you can use to prepare coffee. It is a manual coffeemaker that was invented around 10 years ago. Most of the AeroPress devices include a plunger and a cylindrical chamber. 

It also contains an airtight silicone seal. This simple gadget was invented by Alan Adler, who is an engineer and physicist. The reason that Alan Adler invented AeroPress is that he was finding it hard to prepare a good coffee using a drip coffee maker

Also, according to him, the process of making coffee with the help of a drip coffee maker was time-consuming. Therefore, he came up with a unique tool named AeroPress that helped him in the coffee-making process. 

Adler was quite surprised with the taste and ease of making coffee using an Aeropress. He also created a fine paper filter that makes the process further easier. The fine paper filter provides a clean cup of coffee with no bitterness in it. 

Additionally, he did notice any sludge that usually appears at the bottom while making French press coffee. After the successful invention, Adler began producing kits commercially, which was very successful among coffee lovers. 

Initially, this product was marketed as an espresso maker. But later on, Adler decided not to call it an espresso maker as it does not generate a true espresso.

Ingredients/Tools Needed to Make AeroPress Espresso

To prepare the AeroPress espresso, you will require arranging a few ingredients that are listed below.

Steps To Make AeroPress Espresso

Grind the Coffee Beans

Grinding your coffee beans is the first thing that you will have to do. Most coffee lovers usually purchase pre-ground coffee so that they do not have to put a lot of effort into grinding the coffee beans by themself. 

Also, if you are not experienced, then you might end up grinding the coffee beans improperly. Therefore, you can go for a pre-ground coffee if you want. In case you are grinding the coffee beans yourself, make sure to grind them as you want for your espresso. 

Try to attain a floury consistency to attain better results. Make sure not to produce a too fine or too coarse coffee grind. A too fine grind may result in blockage, due to which you will struggle to push the brew through. Therefore, try to achieve the right grind size.

Take AeroPress and Add Coffee Grounds

Once you are done grinding your coffee beans, the next step is to add coffee grounds to the AeroPress. Before that, take a paper filter and add it to the filter cap. After that, pour some warm water through the filter. 

By adding hot water, you will be able to remove the paper flavors from it. Now, place your coffee grounds in the AeroPress chamber after screwing the cap on the chamber.

Add Another Filter

After attaching the filter cap, you will require adding another filter on the top of the ground within the chamber. Add some warm water to wet the filter. Remember not to add too much water to it. 

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Now gently press the filter on the improvised espresso tamper bottom. Use your tamper to compact the grounds after pressing the filter into the coffee grounds. After that, you will require to twist and pull out the tamper and keep the second filter.

Add Hot Water

After that, you will require adding hot water. Make sure to heat the water in 200ºF – 208ºF range. After you are done heating the water, carefully add it over the puck of grounds present in the chamber.

Press the Espresso

Contrary to other methods of brewing espresso with the Aeropress, you are not required to let the ground steep in this method. Once you have completed pouring in the water, you will need to place the chamber on the mug and add a plunger. First, you will require pushing the plunger down towards the grounds that are present at the bottom.

Your Coffee is Ready

Once you are done with squeezing it, you can add anything to improve your espresso-style beverage flavor. If you do not want to add any additional things, then your coffee is ready to drink. By following the above steps, you can make AeroPress espresso by yourself.

Can I Make Other Types of Coffee with AeroPress?

Yes, you can make various other types of coffee as well with AeroPress. Many coffee lovers use AeroPress to prepare an Americano-style filter coffee. 

To make Americano-style filter coffee using Aeropress, you can either use an inverted method or a standard recipe as per your wish. Apart from Americano-style filter coffee, you can also utilize AeroPress to produce silk-smooth cold brew coffee.

Benefits of Using AeroPress to Make Coffee

There are various benefits that you will get from using AeroPress to prepare coffee. However, some of the prime benefits are given below.

  • One big advantage is that it is less fussy as compared to other coffee brewing methods. Unlike many other ways of brewing coffee, you do not require a lot of stuff to prepare coffee using AeroPress. Also, you do not need any special technique to generate a delicious coffee through it. You only need to pour and push to get the desired coffee for you.
  • Furthermore, it is an inexpensive way to make coffee. You can get a full set of AeroPress at a much affordable cost. Therefore, if you compare the price of AeroPress with other methods of making coffee, you will find that AeroPress is pretty reasonable.
  • With AeroPress, you will also get more durability. It is a lightweight product that can even be a good option for travel. Additionally, there is no glass in it, so you do not have to worry about any glass cracking, which is usually a concern in a few other coffee machines.
  • Another benefit of AeroPress is that it is a quick way to prepare coffee. You do not require steeping or long pouring in this method. Once the water is hot, you can prepare the coffee within 60 seconds.
  • Moreover, you will get a clear and clean flavor with it. It will give you a unique and crisp taste.
  • Coffee lovers are generally concerned about the cleanup after preparing the coffee. In AeroPress, the cleanup is very much easy. You will not have to put a lot of effort into the cleanup while preparing coffee using AeroPress.

Can AeroPress Make Crema?

Yes, you can also use AeroPress to make crema. But to make better crema using AeroPress, you will need to go the extra mile. You will have to arrange fresh coffee beans and refine those coffee beans into your grind size. 

After that, you will have to add the correct amount of pressure and a suitable brewing temperature to attain a better crema. Though you can make crema using AeroPress, you will have to put extra effort into it. 

To achieve better results from AeroPress, you can use an inverted method for the preparation of crema. However, you can use other methods to produce crema as well.

Why Is My Espresso Weak?

If you have prepared espresso using AeroPress and notice that your espresso is weak, then the chances are that you have under-extracted the coffee grinds. If you have used a grind size that is under-tamping or too coarse, this issue can occur. However, you can improve the weak-tasting espresso by adjusting the grind. 

Adjusting the grind will surely help you improve the taste of your espresso. But if, after adjusting the grind, you did not get the desired outcome, then you will be required to tamp a little harder. By doing so, you can attain the sweet spot. This will help you achieve a better taste beverage.


The AeroPress can help you produce a great and delicious cup of coffee if you know the right way. Also, it is one of the effective and quickest methods of making coffee. If you do not know anything about AeroPress Espresso, do not worry because we will make you understand everything about it here. In this article, we will let you know how to make espresso using AeroPress and its benefits.

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